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Apply for a Child Care Service Management Agreement

​Halton Region provides funding to licensed child care operators to support a stable child care system. Follow these steps to apply for a Child Care Service Management Agreement with Halton.

Halton Region provides various types of funding to licensed child care operators to support access to a high quality, affordable child care system in Halton. Halton Region has a responsibility to use public funds effectively. For this reason, we reserve the right to:

  • Accept or refuse any application
  • Require further information to process your application
  • Check references
  • Take into consideration your performance under any previous agreements with the Region

Follow the instructions below to complete the application process. Upon completion of the prerequisites, follow the steps for Completing Your Application.

Step 1

Complete the prerequisites.

1) Submit a letter of intent - Include program name and contact information (program must be in operation for one year from date of clear license).

2) Contact the individuals below to complete the following:

Step 2

Completing Your Application

Print Your Application (PDF file)

Included on your application:

  • Official name of your program, as well as a clear imprint of your official seal if available
  • Centre name(s), full address and phone numbers for each location
  • Indicate non-profit or commercial operations
  • Names and positions of all signing officers
  • Evacuation location for each location - submit completed form [hyperlink to PDF file attached below]

Note: You must advise Halton Region of any changes on your Board of Directors and/or signing officers as they occur.

Include with your application:

  • List of the Board of Directors of the Non Profit Board- include signing officers and position titles
  • Date of Annual General Meeting of corporation, if applicable
  • Articles of Incorporation, Letters Patent and By Laws of the corporation, if applicable
  • Copy of the Corporate Profile Report - (external link) dated within 30 days


If you currently have protection we require evidence of your Employer’s Liability coverage on your annual insurance certificate or a copy of your existing WSIB Clearance Certificate;


Coverage for workplace related injury by employees, contractors or agents is required for the Child Care Service Management Agreement. Please arrange for this mandatory coverage and ensure it is noted on your annual insurance certificate.

Include a copy of your Insurance Certificate, with the following insurance limits and the Region of Halton added as “additional insured”:


Please note: If you provide your own transportation, provide a safety certificate from a licensed mechanic dated within 30 days stating that vehicles meet safety requirements.

  • Fee schedule given to parents - provide a copy on letterhead, broken down into a daily rate.
  • Verification of financial viability- a financial budget to indicate monthly expense and revenues. Proof of 3-6 months surplus funds in order to demonstrate financial stability.
  • Rate Request Application form - complete once web address received by email. Required annually.
  • Copy of the Operator’s Conflict of Interest policy and by-law (Non-Profit Operators)
  • Copy of the Operator’s Serious Occurrence policy
  • Copy of the Operator's Criminal Reference Check policy

Questions? Call us at 905-825-6000, extension 2503.