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Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program

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Flooding can happen when you least expect it. Halton is making it easier and more affordable to protect your home through 4 subsidy programs. Take advantage of this support and let us help you protect your most valuable asset.

What is the Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program?

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Halton Region has invested millions of dollars in optimizing the wastewater sewer system throughout the region. These improvements ensure that the Region’s wastewater sewer system is more resilient to impacts of climate change, including more frequent and severe localized wet weather. To further withstand the impacts of climate change, Regional Council have endorsed the Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program. The program offers financial support for residents who are making the improvements on the private side, that removes unnecessary storm water from entering the municipal wastewater system and reduces the risk of flooding in their basement from sewer backup.

4 subsidy programs to make protecting your home easier and more affordable

Downspout disconnection

Downspouts are the pipes connected to your eavestroughs that collect water from your roof and directs it to the ground or to a drain below ground. A disconnected downspout is one that is attached to your house and discharges to the lawn or other permeable surfaces at a suitable distance away from the outside wall. Disconnected downspouts significantly reduces the amount of rainwater that gets into the sewer system, which will reduce the risk of sewer backup and basement flooding. Learn more about the downspout disconnection subsidy

Weeping tile disconnection & sump pump installation

Weeping tiles are underground pipes installed around your foundation of your home. The weeping tile collects groundwater or rainwater that enters the ground, during a rainfall, and directs it to a sump pit installed inside your basement. Within the pit, a sump pump takes the water and discharges it outside and away from your house. Learn more about the weeping tile disconnection & sump pump installation subsidy

Backwater valve installation

A backwater valve is a device installed on your sewer lateral that prevents wastewater from re-entering your house.

Learn more about the backwater valve installation subsidy

Sewer lateral (pipe) lining & repair

This is the pipe that carries wastewater away from your home to the municipal wastewater sewer, which is typically located under the street.

Learn more about the sewer later (pipe) lining & repair subsidy

Additional information about flood prevention and recovery

Here are some additional tips to be prepared and protect your home and community from flooding

  • Ensure your yard slopes away from your house, not towards it.
  • Ensure that eavestroughs (gutters) and downspouts are clear and drain properly.
  • Keep floor drains inside your home clear.
  • Ensure window wells are free of debris.
  • Install weather protection sealant around basement windows and the base of ground-level doors.
  • Assemble an emergency kit - flooding can happen when you least expect it.