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Subsidized Housing

Looking for information on subsidized housing?

Please dial 311. We are pleased to help you.

Halton Region’s subsidized housing program, also known as rent-geared-to-income (RGI), provides safe, well-maintained rental housing for individuals and families with low and moderate incomes.

The amount of rent paid by eligible subsidized housing tenants is calculated based on the total household income.

How to Apply

To apply for subsidized housing you need to submit an application form to Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH)

IMPORTANT: HATCH will require you to provide documentation with your application in order to be eligible on the wait list. Please review the application checklist located at the beginning of the application form to determine what documentation HATCH will require.

Additional Forms

There are additional forms you must include with your application if you have a special status request for your housing application:

Contact Information

  • To request a paper copy of the application form or additional request forms please dial 311.
  • Send or drop off your application form and all required documents to: