Halton Region Community Investment Fund

The Halton Region Community Investment Fund (HRCIF) supports non-profit community health and social service programs aligned with the following funding priorities:

  • Assisting Halton’s Low Income Residents: Support low income and/or vulnerable residents by assisting them to live and work in Halton.
  • Affordable and Assisted Housing: Provide housing supports to address the needs of low income residents
  • Children and Youth Development: Ensure that Halton provides a healthy quality environment for children and youth to grow and develop
  • Seniors: Deliver programs which meet the needs of seniors in our community
  • Partnerships: Support programs or services that strengthen the ability of other organizations in the non-profit sector to deliver community health or social services to Halton residents and; collaborative initiatives between three or more organizations that collectively achieve impact within one of the above priorities.

There are two categories of funding:

  • Category 1: One Year Grants - Supports community health and social service programs aligned with funding priorities for short-term, time-limited, small capital and/or innovative projects. Grants are awarded for a maximum of one year and up to $20,000. There is an annual call for proposals for One-Year Grants.
  • Category 2: Multi-Year Program Grants - Provides multi-year funding to non-profit, charitable, community health and social service programs aligned with funding priorities.

Proposal Call for 2015 Funding

The proposal call for 2015 funding will be opened on November 3, 2014. Guidelines and application forms will be available when the proposal call is opened.

The proposal call for 2015 funding is for one-year and multi-year grants.

2014 Funded Programs/Projects

In 2014, Regional Council approved one-year grants for 20 community projects and programs through the Halton Region Community Investment Fund. An additional eight existing programs will receive funding for the third year of a multi-year grant approved for 2012-2014. The total amount awarded for one-year and multi-year funding in 2014 is $736,661.

2014 one-year funding was awarded to the following programs/projects:
2014 multi-year funding has been awarded to the following organizations:
  • Community Living Burlington (external link) To deliver a specialized day program for seniors with a developmental disability.
  • Community Living North Halton (external link) To support the Lunch Box Café and training centre to provide food service training to those with a developmental disability to increase employment opportunities.
  • Food for Life Charitable Corporation (external link) To continue work with corporate and community sponsors to collect and distribute food to social service agencies.
  • Halton Trauma Centre (external link) To support children and their families affected by traumatic experiences.
  • Milton Community Resource Centre (external link) To support MCRCs infant food bank to provide families in need with infant supplies and to connect them to services available at the Centre.
  • Nelson Youth Centre (external link) To expand the mental health program to serve over 200 children and parents annually.
  • Oakville Parent Child Centre (external link) To facilitate weekly ‘Kids & Me’ drop in programs to 30 parents/caregivers and 40 children.
  • Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services of Halton (external link) To educate and support deaf students on various topics that support healthy relationships.