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Oral Health Education for Teachers & Educators

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At all stages in life, oral health contributes to general health and quality of life. Good oral health positively impacts a child’s ability to learn, attend school and eat nutritious foods while aiding in proper growth and development.

As a teacher/educator, you are in a unique position to provide the education, guidance, and motivation necessary to help your students establish positive oral health habits.

Oral Health Education Guides (OHEG)

The OHEG is a tool that will enable you to teach oral health, as it links oral health education and resources to applicable learning blocks and strands found in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8.

Reach and Teach Kit: Kindergarten and Grade 3

An oral health education kit entitled the “Reach and Teach Kit” is available for your use. It contains interactive educational resources for teachers/educators and resources which can be photocopied and given to parents.

To borrow a Reach and Teach Kit, please call your respective Library Services/Resource Centre or Halton Region’s Oral Health program at

If you have questions or comments regarding this tool, please contact