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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

In an effort to meet the third priority, the Health Department employed a number of community coordination strategies. These strategies were identified by the community themselves and were seen as the best way to disseminate information.

Knowledge Capture

Knowledge was codified and documented in a specific and analytical way so that others could re-use or adapt it for their own use. This was achieved through newsletters, monthly e-blasts and webinars.

Healthy Weights E-Bulletins:

E-Bulletins discontinued

Halton Region Health Department has decided to discontinue the Healthy Weights E- bulletins. The November 2014 Healthy Weights E-Bulletin is the final E-Bulletin. We are making this change due to the abundance of health information currently available online and in the community.

You will still be able to access information on health promotion through the websites of our public health partners. We have compiled a variety of resources that can provide you with the latest information on general health promotion, nutrition and physical activity. We trust you will find the resources useful in providing the information you need to keep your organization’s policies and practices current and accurate.

Halton Region Health Department Webinars:

  • Webinar #1 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)2MB: Cycling Plans in Halton: Strategies to Promote Bikeable Communities
  • Webinar #2 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)1.8MB: McMaster Children's Hospital Children’s Exercise and Nutrition Centre, Halton Region Statistics concerning obesity, physical activity levels and fruit and vegetable consumption, and information about the walkON program
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Community of Practice (CoP)

A community of practice is considered one of the most effective organizational forms for sharing and transferring a wide range of knowledge between people who share a common profession, practice area or domain. This was achieved via a CoP launch which was then solidified with a CoP Terms of Reference. To keep members connected and talking, annual forums were planned and an exclusive Wiki was developed. The Wiki featured many advantages for the group as it acted as a blog, a receptacle for housing information pertinent to healthy weights, a membership database and a repository for HWHTA documentation. At project close the CoP and Wiki were discontinued.