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The Role of the Halton Region Health Department

The goal of the rabies control program is to prevent rabies from occurring in humans.

The Halton Region Health Department is responsible for:

  • providing rabies education to the public;
  • investigating all reports of potential human exposure to rabies from animals;
  • obtaining information related to the potential exposure;
  • ensuring proper isolation and confinement of animals involved in biting or scratching incidents, by their owners;
  • observing animals involved at the beginning and at the end of the isolation and confinement periods;
  • promoting and enforcing rabies vaccination of all dogs and cats in Halton region;
  • consulting with and delivering post-exposure vaccine to physicians upon request; and
  • arranging for laboratory testing of suspect animals that are wild, euthanized, or died during the isolation period.

The Halton Region Health Department is also responsible for providing rabies education to the public.

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