Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park Master Plan

Burlington Beach

The Halton Region Waterfront Parks program was designed to recognize the significant environmental, economic, cultural, and recreational importance of the Lake Ontario (and the Burlington Bay) shoreline to the people of the Region and the Province. The key objectives of the Regional Waterfront Parks program are:

  • To maximize public accessibility to the Halton Waterfront by increasing the amount of well distributed public space; and
  • To provide a variety of recreational, cultural and tourism opportunities along the Halton waterfront.

The Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park is a premier waterfront park located in downtown Burlington on the Lake Ontario shoreline. The park is approximately 35 hectares in size and is made up of two city parks, Spencer Smith Park and Beachway Park.

The Regional Municipality of Halton, the City of Burlington and Conservation Halton have embarked on a process that will culminate in an updated Master Plan, Environmental Management and Restoration Plan and a Property Acquisition Strategy for the Regional Waterfront Park. The first Master Plan for this park was approved in 1987 and was later updated in 1994. The new Master Plan will provide a long-term strategic vision for the park implementation purposes.

Following Regional Council’s consideration of the Burlington Beach Directions Report LPS79-13 in October 2013, the Region and its partners have engaged a consulting team lead by Brook McIlroy to develop the new Master Plan, Environmental Management and Restoration Plan and an Implementation Strategy for the Regional Waterfront Park.

Brook McIlroy is an internationally recognized design consulting firm with extensive experience in the planning, design and construction administration of waterfront projects, from large-scale visions and implementation strategies to small-scale detailed designs. Their distinguished portfolio includes the successful delivery of projects throughout Ontario, across Canada, and internationally, including the City of Toronto, the City of Burlington, the City of Mississauga, the City of Thunder Bay, the City of Windsor, and Porto Montenegro (Tivet), among many others.

Public Open House - April 7, 2015

A Public Open House took place on Tuesday April 7, 2015 to present new information and the draft Master Plan for the park. This public open house consisted of a presentation by the consultant team hired to develop the draft Master Plan (Brook McIlroy). It included an informal walk-around session that provided residents with an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and design ideas on the draft Master Plan.

Materials from the Open House:
Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park Master Plan 2015 (as of April 1, 2015)
April 7, 2015 Open House Display Boards:
Display Boards 1-3 (PDF file)
Display Boards 5-7 (PDF file)
Display Boards 8-11 (PDF file)

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