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Types of Drugs

There are 3 main groups of drugs: depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. Most drugs fit into one or more of these groups.


These drugs slow down the central nervous system. They make people feel relaxed, less tense, and less aware of events around them.

Examples of depressants are:


These drugs speed up the central nervous system. They help people feel more alert and they increase the user’s physical energy. Stimulants are taken to make people feel happy and to decrease appetite.

Examples of stimulants are:


These drugs are sometimes called “mind-altering” or “mind-expanding” drugs. They can increase a person’s awareness of sight, touch, taste, feeling and hearing. Objects may take on different shapes and sizes, sounds may be heard louder or softer. Hallucinogens can also alter a person’s mood.

Examples of hallucinogens are:

Other Drugs