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Safe Water Program - Recreational Water

Water testing

Halton Region wants to keep its residents safe and part of that commitment is preventing and reducing water-borne illness and injury related to recreational water use.

Public recreational water facilities are regulated under 2 categories:

  1. Regulated facilities, including public pools and public spas.
  2. Non-regulated facilities, including public wading pools, splash pads/spray pads, and water slide receiving basins.

Public Health Inspectors inspect recreational water facilities to monitor the safety of these facilities. Public Health Inspectors also monitor water quality at
some of Halton’s public beaches.

Submit Notification to Open Pool or Spa

Pool/spa operators must notify the Health Department if they are planning to open or reopen a pool/spa.

Resources for Public Pool Operators

  1. Outdoor Pool Package (PDF file)
  2. Admission Standards Factsheet (external PDF file)
  3. Ontario Regulation 565 Public Pools (external link)

Public Pool Water Chemistry Requirements
 Total Alkalinity Not less than 80 mg/L
 pH 7.2 - 7.8
 Chlorine residual
 (for chlorinated systems)
Not less than 0.5 mg/L
Not less than 1 mg/L where cyanurate stabilization is used.
 Bromine residual
 (for bromine systems)
Non-wave action pools Not less than 2 mg/L
Wave action pools Not less than 3 mg/L

Resources for Public Spa Operators

  1. Notification of Intent to Open a Public Spa (PDF file)
  2. Ontario Regulation 428/05 Public Spas (external link)

Public Spa Water Chemistry Requirements
 Total Alkalinity Not less than 80 mg/L
 pH 7.2 - 7.8
 Chlorine residual
 (for chlorinated systems)
5 - 10 mg/L
 Bromine residual
 (for bromine systems)
5 - 10 mg/L
 Cyanuric acid Not greater than 150 mg/L
 Oxidation Reduction Potential
 (for systems using an automatic sensing device)
Not less than 700mV

Resources for Spray/splash Pad and Wading Pool Operators:

  1. Operating Procedures for Non-Regulated Recreational Water Facilities Guidance Document (PDF file)

Resources for Private Pool Operators

  1. Lifesaving Society-Private Pool Safety Standards (PDF file)

Additional Resources

Healthy Swimming, Drowning Prevention, CPR and First Aid Information: