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Backflow Prevention Devices

Already have a device installed?

You are required to complete a survey and test the existing backflow prevention devices as outlined in our Step-by-Step Process.

If properly installed and maintained, backflow prevention devices allow water to flow in only one direction. Water can flow from the public water system to the customer's property, but not in the other direction.

Halton Region staff will send you a letter after the survey of your property is reviewed. Based on the survey results, staff will advise you of the type of backflow prevention device required to be installed at your property.

The type of device suitable for your property is based on the degree of hazard your property may present to the public water system.

Types of backflow prevention devices

Halton Region recognizes the following 2 types of Backflow Prevention devices for use as Premise Isolation:

* Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly (RP)
Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly device.
  • Two independently acting check valves separated by a reduced pressure zone.
  • Installed as a unit between two shut off valves.
  • Each check valve is fitted with a test cock for periodic testing.
  • Can be used for health hazards (i.e. toxic material) and severely hazardous connections (i.e. hospitals, medical/dental facilities, industrial or chemical plants).
* Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA)
Double Check Valve Assembly device.
  • Two internally loaded check valves, force-loaded or internally weighted.
  • If one check valve fails to close the other will prevent backflow.
  • Each check valve is fitted with a test cock for periodic testing.
  • Can be used for all non-health hazards (non-toxic) connections (i.e. fire sprinkler, irrigation systems).

* Note: Other devices do not meet the requirements of Cross-Connection Control By-law #61-11 for the provision of premise isolation.

Where do I get backflow prevention devices?

Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly (RP) and Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) backflow prevention devices are available through authorized suppliers only.

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