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Cross-Connection Control Program and Backflow Prevention

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About the program

Halton Region’s Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP) was developed along with other Ontario municipalities to protect public health by ensuring municipal drinking water is safe by preventing possible drinking water contamination from non-drinking water systems.

To prevent drinking water contamination, the CCCP oversees the installation and ongoing maintenance of proper premises isolation backflow prevention devices in industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sector and multi-unit residential properties, and ensures compliance of the Cross-Connection Control By-law #61-11

Video – Halton Region's Cross-Connection Control Program - Backflow Prevention

Learn how Halton Region’s Cross-Connection Control Program works to protect the municipal water distribution system to ensure everyone has access to high-quality, clean and safe drinking water.

Watch first-hand testimonials from participants of program, and learn about the roles and responsibilities of property owners in order to comply with the program.

About cross connections and backflow prevention devices

A cross connection is a direct or indirect connection between the drinking water system and a private plumbing system. In order to keep Halton’s water distribution system free from possible contamination, the main water supply must be isolated from the private system by installing a backflow prevention device at or near the water meter (called premises isolation). The device prevents liquids or contaminants from entering into the municipal drinking water system.

The role of Halton Region

As part of the program, Halton Region:

  • Identifies cross-connections where potential contamination of drinking water may occur.
  • Enforces the required installation of suitable backflow prevention devices.
  • Maintains a database of locations that have backflow prevention devices installed.
  • Ensures testing of installed devices on an annual basis.
  • Monitors compliance of the Cross-Connection Control By-law #61-11

The role of an ICI or multi-unit residential property owner

To comply with the program, you may be required to:

  • Conduct a CCC survey as requested by Halton Region
  • Submit survey results to Halton Region
  • Install the appropriate backflow prevention device as instructed
  • Test the device annually or more frequently as appropriate
  • Submit device testing results to Halton Region
  • Maintain the backflow prevention device in working condition at all times

How contamination might occur

Normally, water flows in one direction, from the municipal drinking water system through a property's plumbing to a sink tap or other plumbing fixture. However, under certain conditions, water can flow in the opposite direction, which may cause contamination. This is known as backflow. Backflow occurs when a backsiphonage or back pressure condition is created in a water line.

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