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Respite Care Program

About the Respite Care Program

Respite Care is a short-stay service providing relief to families and caregivers in the community. We offer stays from one week to 60 days with a maximum of 90 days per calendar year (subject to availability). This program can also be an opportunity for a person to “trial” living in long-term care.


        Allendale Long Term Care
       185 Ontario St. S, 
        Milton, On 
        L9T 2M4 
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Services Provided

  • 2 respite rooms
  • private bedroom with a 2-piece washroom
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • all meals and snacks
  • laundry services
  • access to programs and facilities within Allendale
  • incontinence products will be provided by the home if required

Services Available at an Additional Charge

Upon admission, you have the option to sign up for optional on-site services, including:
  • hair salon
  • special outings
  • bar charges
  • tuck shop
  • specialized foot care
  • cable television ($1.00 per day)

Cost of Program

This Respite Care Program is subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). The cost is currently $37.77 per day (subject to change by the MOHLTC)

How do I Apply for Respite Care at Allendale?

Contact your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), (formerly CCAC) to apply for Respite Care. LHIN Home and Community Care staff will work with you to complete the required paperwork. Visit the LHIN Home and Community Care Website for additional Information.

Please book as early as possible. To apply, contact your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) at:

  • 1-877-336-9090 (North Halton, Oakville or Milton)
  • 1-800-810-0000 (Burlington)

The Local Health Integration Network will send the completed application and your requested dates to Allendale for review.

What Should you Bring

List of current medications: We need an up-to-date medication list (print out from doctor or pharmacy) which includes the dispensing script (time and dose of medication). For safety reasons we cannot accept medications. They must be dispensed by our pharmacy.

Clothing: Please bring approximately seven changes of clean, machine washable, seasonal clothes. The Villages of Halton is unable to care for clothes which need to be dry cleaned or hand washed. Labelling is done at Allendale. Your name and resident number should be affixed to anything that might be sent to the laundry and has the potential to get lost e.g. clothes, pillows, bedspread.

Personal belongings: Please do not bring valuable items such as cash or expensive jewellery as we cannot be responsible if they get lost. Personal items such as photographs, books, comforters or pillows are welcomed during your stay.

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