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Need Emergency Shelter?

Halton Region’s Emergency Shelter program provides temporary housing and services to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness. If you are in need of emergency shelter (housing) please dial 311.

Lighthouse Shelter
Frequently Asked Questions
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Lighthouse Shelter

Halton Region funds the Salvation Army’s Lighthouse Shelter 
in Oakville for single adults and couples with no children. Shelter is provided to individuals 16 years of age or older. Outreach staff provide counselling and connect individuals in the shelter to community resources that can help them regain stable and affordable housing.

In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association ,  the Safe Place  program provides on site mental health supports for individuals at the Lighthouse Shelter.

If you require shelter at the Lighthouse Shelter please dial 311.

If you are a family with children and may be in need of emergency shelter, please dial 311 to speak with intake staff through Wesley Urban Ministries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get help if I am homeless?
  • Yes. If you are single with no children dial 311 and you will be connected with staff who will assess your situation and help you find the best available temporary option which may include staying at the Lighthouse Emergency Shelter, with family, friends or other options.

    If you are a couple or family dial 311 and you will be connected with staff who will assess your situation and help you find the best available temporary option which may include staying with family, friends, or in Halton’s emergency shelter program which places families temporarily in apartment units. Hotels are used on a temporary basis when all apartments are in use.

  • How long can I stay in the shelter?
  • Emergency shelter is a temporary support to assist you to find and regain stable and affordable housing. Our first recommendation is for individuals to stay with family or friends if possible until you are able to find suitable housing. Family and friends can provide important emotional support during this stressful time. If this is not an option for you, our staff will assess your needs and determine the best approach for you.

    Our goal during your temporary stay at the shelter or in the Family Shelter Program is to connect you with community resources that will help you regain your housing and independence as quickly as possible.

  • Can I bring my pet?
  • Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets at the Lighthouse Shelter or in the Family Emergency Shelter program. We encourage you to ask family or friends to care for your pet if you become homeless and in need of our services. We will also do our best to connect you with any community resources that may assist with temporary care for your pet.

  • If I live outside of Halton can I be placed Halton’s Emergency Shelter program?
  • To be eligible for placement at the Lighthouse Shelter or in the Family Shelter Program you need to be a resident of Halton. If you live outside the geographic area we can help connect you with appropriate resources in your community.

  • What is transitional housing?
  • Transitional housing provides temporary housing to individuals and families who need additional assistance to find stable housing. Emergency shelter is temporary and transitional housing is a service offered by various community groups to provide the next stage of support for people once their stay in emergency shelter has ended.

    Halton Resources – Transitional Housing

Other Community Resources

Halton Women’s Place Link to external site- temporary shelter for women and children experiencing domestic violence