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2007 Budget & Business Plan

On January 24, 2007, Halton Regional Council approved the 2007 Operating and Capital Budget, resulting in a property tax increase of 0.9% for Regional programs and services and a 5.9% increase for Police Services. The combined property tax impact for Regional and Police Services is 2.5%. The Budget also includes a 4.0% rate increase for water and sewer utilities.

For a typical homeowner in Halton with a property assessed at $300,000, the property tax increase will be approximately $7.44 for Regional programs and services and $22.32 for Police Services, for an overall increase of $29.76. The combined annual water and sewer bill will increase by approximately $26.17 for a typical household with 300 m3 annual consumption of water. 

The 2007 Budget provides a financial plan which balances program needs with the impact on Halton ratepayers by focusing on key priorities and commitments to service delivery. The Region’s 2004-2006 Strategic Plan, which establishes the framework for 2007 budget priorities, is based upon ensuring a high level of accountability and service to residents. An open and transparent process provides the opportunity for members of Regional Council, senior Regional management and the public to voice their comments.

2007 Budget and Business Plan

Summary Report

Capital Budget