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In December 2012, the Ontario Government presented its new child care funding framework and formula for municipalities. The revised funding framework will provide greater flexibility for municipalities to distribute funding based on local needs.

Effective September, 2014, the full-day kindergarten program became available to all eligible children in Ontario.

Halton’s Policy Decision for Child Care:

  • Child Care Subsidy: Eligible kindergarten-age children can receive child care subsidy for before and after school, PD day, school break and summer care programs.
  • Integration Services for Children with Special Needs: Eligible children 2 - kindergarten-age can receive Integration supports in licensed child care programs.
  • Wage Subsidy: Centres will be eligible to receive Wage Subsidy for staff working with kindergarten-age children in before and after school, PD day, school break and summer care programs.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the new Child Care Framework, please send them to and responses will be posted shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What is meant by 3.8 – 6 years of age?
Children who are turning 4 by December 31 are eligible to begin attending full-day kindergarten in September. The youngest eligible child will be 3 years and 8 months in September.
Can my child continue to attend subsidized child care if I choose not to send him to full-day kindergarten?
Children who are eligible to attend full-day kindergarten can only receive child care subsidy for before and after school, PD day, school break, and summer care programs.
What if my child isn’t ready for school?
Families need to determine the best placement choices for their child(ren). However, all schools must be ready to support all children eligible to attend school regardless of their needs and abilities. Families can access child care subsidy for before and after school, PD days, school breaks and summer care programs.
Will Child Care Subsidy cover my before and after school child care costs?
Families who qualify and have children who are eligible to attend school can secure child care subsidy to help with the cost of before and after school, PD day, school break and summer care programs. 
Will Child Care Subsidy continue during the staggered entry to full-day kindergarten?
My child care centre provides lunch and snacks every day. Will there be support for families who cannot afford to provide a lunch for their child?
Many food resources are available to families in Halton Region. For information on these resources contact your Child Care Representative.
Why is it that parents who can afford to pay full fee for child care have a choice to send their child to full-day kindergarten or keep them in child care, but parents who need financial support do not?
The Ministry of Education has established a universal full-day kindergarten program for all children beginning in September of the year they turn 4 at no cost to families. Halton is a growing community and the financial resources for supports are limited. In order to maximize these supports, Halton families in financial need with kindergarten-eligible children will be able to secure child care subsidy to help with the cost of care for before and after school, PD day, school break and summer care programs only.
Why can’t our Resource Consultant support my child with special needs in the full-day kindergarten classroom?

The Boards of Education provide supports for children with special needs within the school system. The Resource Consultant you have been working with can continue to support you family with:

  • Service coordination
  • Linking to community services
  • Using new strategies in your home

This support is available for the two years of full-day kindergarten.

What if my child has special needs and is not toilet-trained and still requires naps. Are there any special circumstances that would allow me to continue with Child Care Subsidy for my kindergarten-aged child to attend child care?
Families with children with special needs will have opportunities to meet with their Resource Consultant and the school team to plan for their child’s transition to school. The schools are expected to make the appropriate accommodations so that your child’s needs are met. Full Day Kindergarten is the program that is now funded for all children that are the eligible age.
My family receives services for my child through ROCK and Erinoakkids. Will these services continue once my child goes to full-day kindergarten?
The services your child received while attending child care will not continue into Full Day Kindergarten however both of these agencies offer other services for school age children that your child may be eligible for. Contact the appropriate agencies regarding your specific circumstances.
Can my kindergarten-aged child with special needs access Resource Consultant support during the summer when he/she is not in school?

Yes. Prior to grade one.

Resource Consultants provide support for inclusion to school age summer programs that meet the Ministry of Education licensing requirements.

What if the school doesn’t think my child with special needs is ready for school and asks us to wait another year? Would we be able to stay in child care with a Resource Consultant?
All children can attend full-day kindergarten. School staff will work with the family and school resources to make the appropriate accommodations for all children. If you are asked to delay your child’s start to school consult with the school principal or the Superintendent of Special Needs Services with the appropriate Board of Education.