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Sexual Health - Teens

Talking to your teen about sexuality

Sexual development: 12 to 18 years of age

  • Puberty continues until complete
  • More interested in expressions of sexuality and are aware of role it plays in life
  • Might masturbate
  • Gets pleasure from kissing and petting
  • May be attracted to people of the same sex, opposite sex or both
  • May have sexual intercourse
  • May need to make decisions about birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • May become pregnant or get a Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Feel a strong need for independence
  • Learn to think about and plan for the future
  • Become less centred on themselves
  • Sexuality Through Childhood

Sexually-transmitted infectious diseases

Sexual health clinics are free, confidential and wheelchair accessible.

The Health Department promotes positive sexual health by providing people, schools, and community agencies in Halton with information and resources about a variety of sexual health topics including:

Services provided at our sexual health clinic locations include counselling for:

Sexual health clinic video tour 2011

This video tells the story of John and Erica as they visit the Sexual Health Clinic in the Health@232 Oakville location. The video dispels myths and fears they may have about visiting the clinic and the services offered such as pregnancy testing, low cost birth control, and STI testing.

Developed by Halton Region Health Department & White Oaks Secondary School.

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