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Help With Your Child's Development

Don’t take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Seek help right away if you have questions or concerns about your child's development

What programs and services are offered by Halton Region?

What can I do if I have questions or concerns?

  • Complete the Nipissing District Developmental Screen™ (NDDS) as a first step in learning if your child is on track with their development.
    • If you have checked any 'no's' on the NDDS contact Halton Region or talk to your doctor or childcare provider.
  • Attend ASK (formerly known as DEIPP):
    • ASK is designed for families with children born in 2013 or later who live in the Halton Community.
      The purpose of ASK is to provide a quick 15 minute consultation for parents who have questions about their child’s development.

What are the advantages to seeking help?

Advantages for your child

Advantages for parents

Resources to support your child’s development

ASK Program (formerly known as DEIPP)

What are ASK (formerly known as DEIPP) clinics?

ASK clinics are designed for families with children newborn to 5 years of age who live in Halton Region. The purpose of ASK is to provide a quick 15-minute consultation for parents who are questioning whether or not to be concerned about their child’s development.

If it is evident to a parent or professional that there are existing developmental concerns then ASK clinics are not appropriate. Instead, a referral for a full assessment should be made directly to the appropriate services eg. speech, hearing, developmental organizations.

What do ASK (formerly known as DEIPP) clinics offer?

ASK offers consultations with professionals from community agencies in the following areas:

  • Speech: birth - 5 years
    A Speech Language Pathologist will briefly screen your child in the area of speech and language.
  • Hearing: 1 - 5 years
    A consultant will conduct a brief hearing screen with your child.
  • Behaviour: birth - 5 years
    A Preschool Consultant will briefly discuss your questions and concerns regarding your child’s behaviour. (For example: toilet training, temper tantrums, anxiousness, etc.)
  • Preschool: 2 - 5 years
    (not attending JK/SK)
    A Resource Consultant will provide a quick check looking at all areas of learning and development. For example: pre-writing skills, coordination, problem solving skills, etc.
  • Infant: birth - 2 years
    A Developmental Consultant will provide a quick check looking at all areas of development. For example: eye-hand coordination, walking, alertness to their environment and reaction to toys.

A public health nurse will also be available at clinics to provide information on nutrition, safety, immunization, parenting, etc.

For more information or to make an appointment:

  • ASK Clinic Coordinator
    905-825-6000 ext. 2531

Clinic partners:

  • Reach Out Centre For Kids Formerly Halton Child and Youth Services
    Preschool Assessment and Training in Halton
  • Community Living North Halton and Community Living Burlington
    Preschool Services
  • Halton Ontario Early Years Centres & Reach Out Centre For Kids (ROCK)
    Clinic Hosts
  • Erinoakkids Halton-Peel Preschool Speech & Language Program
    Speech and Language
  • Halton Health Care Services
  • Halton Region
    Children’s Developmental Services and Children’s Health Services
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