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Healthy Sexuality

Sexuality throughout life

Sexuality starts at birth and continues throughout our lives. To be sexually healthy, children need to grow up to be comfortable with their bodies, and to have good information available to them. As a parent, you can support this by:

Sexual health: birth to 3 years:

  • Learn about love and trust through touching and holding.
  • Babies learn about their world by putting things in their mouths.
  • May experience sexual pleasure and can have an orgasm.
  • Begin to understand "I am a boy" or "I am a girl"
  • Children explore their own bodies (hands, feet, genitals, etc.)
  • Begin to learn the names of body parts.
  • Are curious about the differences between boys' and girls' bodies.
  • Are curious about their parents' bodies.
  • Begin toilet training.
  • Boys have erections of the penis.
  • Girls have vaginal lubrication.

  • Create an atmosphere for an open and honest discussion
  • Take advantage of times when it feels right to talk about sexuality (“teachable moments”)
  • Do not be afraid to initiate discussions with your child
  • Do not avoid answering questions when children ask
  • Questions about sexuality are normal and natural
  • Keep your answers short and simple. Get some information to help you.
  • Discuss what you believe about sexuality and why
  • Use The Four Point Plan when talking to your children about sexual health issues. The four points outlined in the plan are guidelines to help you shape your responses when sexuality becomes a topic of conversation.
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