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Your body has sheltered and nurtured your baby throughout your pregnancy quite naturally. Birth happens this way, too. If you let it, your intuition will guide you. The challenge is to develop confidence in yourself, trust your inner wisdom and allow nature to do it’s thing.

But why bother to experience birth? Why not feel as little of labour as possible? We hear a great deal about the pain of childbirth but very little about the joy and pleasure of experiencing contractions, bearing down as your baby pushes into the world and feeling in harmony with the rhythms of your body as it does the incredible work of birth. When you are able to labour and give birth while relaxed and confident, and with loving support, you are able to tap into your inner strength and endure.

The Canadian Society for Obstetricians & Gynecologists state there are several benefits to a normal birth, for you and your child:

  • No surgery or complications that could go with it.
  • Reduced risk of injury and infections.
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.
  • Increased confidence and reduced stress.

Adapted from The Canadian Society for Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Tips on how to help labour 'PROGRESS' and cope with the pain

Throughout your pregnancy, your health care provider will help support you and build your confidence so you are ready for a normal childbirth. Here are some tips on how to help labour progress as well as cope with the pain of labour and birth.

  • Position - change positions regularly
  • Relax - imagery, breathing, music
  • Output - empty bladder (full bladder = spasm)
  • Gravity - upright, sit, kneel, squat, walk
  • Rest - between contractions
  • Energy - fluids, avoid dehydration, light foods
  • Submerge - bath, shower
  • Support - partner, nurse, midwife, doula, doctor

What is needed to create the best possible birth memory?

  • Confidence to do whatever you want as labour progresses.
  • To respond to what you feel.
  • To have pain but not to suffer.
  • To be surrounded by family, friends and professionals who know that you have within yourself the ability and wisdom to give birth.
  • An environment in which you feel safe.

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