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Family & Community Behavioural Services (FCBS)

Family and Community Behavioural Services (FCBS) provides behavioural services for individuals who:

  • are 2-21 years of age
  • have a diagnosis of a developmental disability
  • meet program criteria
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What we do

Working closely with individuals, our team can:

  • provide consultation to address behaviour concerns.
  • assist with skills development in areas such as:
    • communication
    • play
    • self-help
    • social skills
  • provide coaching for parents and child care staff, modeling specific behavioural intervention strategies to help your family experience success.
  • focus on the strengths of your child and family to set realistic goals and help your child reach their potential.
  • collaborate with other community resources that may benefit your family.
  • assist with referrals to other agencies as needed.

Where are the services provided?

Services are provided primarily in your home. Consultations are offered in:

  • child care programs
  • schools
  • workshops
  • other community settings

What to expect at your appointment

After providing a referral from you or your family doctor, health care provider or other community service, your family will be assigned to a Behavioural Consultant who will call to set up an initial home visit at a convenient time. Both parents are encouraged to be present for the initial consult.

Note: You can request a telephone consultation while you are waiting for a home visit.

Our professional staff is ready to help

If you have concerns, we can help.  Our team of behaviour consultants and behaviour consultant assistants has experience and training in:

  • early childhood education
  • child studies
  • psychology

Program eligibility

You are eligible to participate in a program if:

  • you live in Halton.
  • you have a child 2-21 years of age who has been diagnosed with a developmental disability.