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Party Tips for Parents

My child is going to a party.

If your child is going to a party, ask the following:

  • Who is having the party?
  • Where is it? Get the phone number.
  • Who will you be with?
  • Will an adult be there?
  • How will you get home?
  • How will you handle peer pressure?
  • What time will you be home?

(above information adapted from material produced by the City of Ottawa)

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My child is having a party.

Be aware, as a host of a party or other social function:

  • you may be held responsible for injuries or damages that occur as a result of the alcohol you provide and of the alcohol they drink that you did not supply (they may bring their own).
  • you are responsible for what happens to guests when they are in your home, on your property (even if you are not home) or at a hall you have rented.
  • you may be held responsible for the safety and behaviour of your guests until they are sober, not just until they leave your party or function.

The following tips may help you avoid some potential problems:

  • Be home during the party. If you are not able to be there make sure your teen knows he or she is in charge.
  • Set some ground rules about what is and is not allowed i.e. smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Post the house rules in visible locations. Identify the parts of the house that are open and those that are off-limits.
  • A party is less likely to get out of hand if it is kept to reasonable numbers.
  • Decide how late the friends can stay.
  • Have plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Make sure everyone has a safe ride home. Be prepared for overnight guests in case someone can’t get a safe ride home.
  • Discuss what to do in case of emergency, have a list of emergency numbers.
  • Guests who are drinking or causing trouble must be asked to leave, if they won’t assistance from police or someone else may be needed.
  • Before the party be sure there is someone like a buddy to help keep things under control.

(above information adapted from material produced by the City of Ottawa)

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