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What is RSS & Podcasting?

Want to get the latest media releases or Council and Committee Meetings from Halton Region delivered directly to your computer desktop? Now you can with our RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feed and Podcasting.

RSS is a standard format used to share content on the Internet and receive updates from your favorite websites without having to visit each site. Imagine the time savings if you frequently scan 20 websites for news and need to go to each one to see if there is anything new. With RSS news feeds new articles will be delivered right to you and only sites with new information will be shown. Use an RSS reader to scan headlines and click the link if you are interested in reading more. You will always have the latest information because your RSS reader automatically retrieves the RSS feeds.

Podcasting works in the same manner, only it provides audio or video files rather than text.

Screenshot of Google Reader.

Screenshot of Google Reader.
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What do I need to do?

Step 1

  • RSS Feeds : Log on and register with a free web based news reader such as Google Reader , or MyYahoo!
  • Podcasts : Many Newsreader programs can subscribe to Podcasts as well as programs such as iTunes


    download and install a news reader or podcasting program to your computer.

Step 2  

Step 3

Screenshot of iTunes.

Screenshot of iTunes.

  • Within the news reader or podcasting program, find the 'add subscription' button and paste the address you just copied.

Step 4

  • That's it!
    You should now be subscribed to a Halton Region feed. You will now have our Media Releases or Council & Committee Meetings sent to you automatically every time new content is  issued.

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