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Subsidized Housing - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait?

It is not possible to provide you with a specific wait time. 

There are many factors that can affect your status on the wait list and these factors can change regularly.  Some rules are specified by the provincial government which we must follow.  The date on your application is important but it is not the only information used to place you in a certain order on the wait list. 

Based on all of the information that you provide in the application we ensure that you are placed appropriately on the list.  The wait list can be quite long.  As a guide, single non-senior units are the highest in demand and the waiting time can be years.  It also depends on which town or city you choose and which location you are willing to move to.  Those applicants 65 years of age and over have a shorter wait time.

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When will I be contacted about available housing?

When you are the next applicant on the list, the housing provider will contact you. At that time, the housing provider may do credit and landlord checks. You may be called for an interview. Many housing providers require good credit ratings and landlord reports before offering housing.

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What are my rights?

All housing providers in Halton must comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code external link . They cannot discriminate against applicants based on:
  • race
  • ancestry
  • place of origin
  • colour
  • ethnic origin
  • citizenship
  • religion or belief
  • sex (this includes being pregnant or the likelihood of becoming pregnant)
  • sexual orientation
  • handicap or disability (including having AIDS/HIV)
  • age
  • family status (having children)
  • marital status (being single, separated, divorced or living common-law)
  • economic disadvantage (including receiving social assistance).
All non-profit and public housing providers are bound by the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 external link. for more information about your rights, follow this link to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board external link. All housing co-ops and their members are governed by the Co-operative Corporations Act external link. For more information visit the Co-Operative Housing Federation of Canada external link .

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How much will I pay?

  • People living in rent-geared-to-income pay a rent based on 30% of their gross household income and then adjustments are made depending on what utilities are included or not included with the rental unit.
  • The amount you pay is reviewed at least annually.
  • You should discuss your social housing landlord’s requirements for reporting income and family composition changes.
  • In co-operatives, the members pay a housing charge, which is similar to rent. People on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program external link pay a rent based on a government scale.
  • Market Rent - If you accept a unit on a market rent basis, the rent has been established by the provider based on rents in the private sector for similar housing.
  • Last Month Rent (Security Deposits) - In Ontario, landlords cannot ask for a security deposit (for damages). They can ask for the last months rent. Some social housing providers do request this at lease signing.
  • Utilities - Some housing communities in Halton have utilities included in the rent. Others, such as townhouses, are metered separately and the tenant is responsible for some or all of the utilities (hydro, water, and gas).
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Is there any wheelchair accessible housing?

Many social housing providers in Halton have accommodation that is suitable for wheelchair users. The number and type of wheelchair accessible units is shown in the details section of each site listing.

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What is Supportive Housing for seniors?

Supportive housing helps seniors to live independently. Services are provided to help seniors with everyday activities such as personal care (bathing, mouth and/or hair care, preventative skin care), personal support/assistance (dressing/undressing , being reminded when to take your medicine etc.) and homemaking services (light housekeeping and laundry).

To apply for this service you need to include the Supportive Housing Application form with your HATCH application form. HATCH will forward your support service request to the Supportive Housing Provider who will evaluate your needs.

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Who are the housing providers in surrounding areas?

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