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Occupational Health and Sitting: Move More at Work & Sit Less!

Researchers are saying:

Meeting the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines (external link) is not enough. We need to not only meet these guidelines, but also just Move More at Work & Sit Less.


For more information, assistance with the documents or assistance at the workplace with introducing the topic, contact Kirsten Sears, Health Promoter:

Other Sitting Resources

Recent evidence has shown that the amount a person sits affects their health in many ways such as:

  • Increase risk for cardiovascular diseases
  • Increase chance of weight gain (overweight/obesity)
  • Increase chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes

Besides the muscular/skeletal ergonomic issues which have been well recognized and addressed in occupational health, other negative health effects, are not always immediately evident.

Move More at Work & Sit Less Tool Kit

To help your employees Move More at Work & Sit Less, the Halton Region Health Department has developed the Occupational Health: Move More at Work & Sit Less Toolkit.

This toolkit is a great way to introduce the issues associated with prolonged sitting and aid in starting the dialogue on how to address them. 

Rediscover the Stairs

Toronto Public Health (PDF)  recently launched a Rediscover the Stairs campaign (external link)  to inspire residents to be more active at work and in their commute. Watch the video.