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Applying for Social Assistance - Ontario Works

Apply for Social Assistance/Ontario Works Online

Follow this link for more information on how to apply for Social Assistance/Ontario Works:
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The Ontario Works program provides income and employment assistance to those in financial need.

To be eligible for Ontario Works, an applicant must be:

  • a resident of Ontario
  • in immediate financial need
  • willing to participate in employment assistance activities.

Every person has the right to apply for assistance. Your eligibility will depend on your circumstances including your household income and assets. If your application is approved you will receive assistance as long as you remain eligible.

You may be eligible for:

  • funds for food, shelter, clothing and other household items
  • a monthly drug card to cover the cost of prescribed medication
  • other benefits such as dental services for children, prescription eyeglasses and transportation for medical reasons.

Ontario Works provides practical help in finding a job. The program helps people determine what they need to become employed. As different people have different needs, Ontario Works has a number of ways to help its clients, including:

  • help to upgrade skills
  • basic education
  • training for a particular job
  • help to find job or to stay employed

To apply for Ontario Works, contact:

Halton Region
Toll Free:1-866-4HALTON (1-866-442-5866)
TTY: 905-827-9833