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Source Protection

Source Water Protection Factsheets

Find helpful information related to the Source Water Protection program and tips on how you can protect our drinking water in each of the factsheets below:

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What is Source Water Protection?

Source Water Protection is a preventative approach that safeguards our drinking water sources from potential contamination or overuse through the development and implementation of policies that apply to various human activities and land use practices.

By protecting water sources before any contamination occurs, we will ensure that there is enough safe water for all our uses - now and in the future.

For more information see Background Information.

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Why do we need to protect our water?

Our water is a precious resource; we need to ensure that it will be protected and available for present and future generations. Accordingly, Halton Region’s Aquifer Management Plan was developed in 1995 to address the overall management and protection of all groundwater supplies Region-wide.

This Plan has been strengthened by the Clean Water Act, 2006 which was established by the government to further safeguard our municipal drinking water from the “source to tap”.

For more information see The Clean Water Act.

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How are Source Protection Plans developed in Halton Region?

Several Source Protection Committees are leading the development of Source Protection Plans for the three different Source Protection Regions (watersheds) within the municipal boundary of Halton. The planning process has many stages including technical studies to assess and identify municipal drinking water threats, policy development to mitigate threats and municipal/public consultation to discuss questions and concerns regarding the proposed policies.

For more information see Developing Halton's Source Water Protection Plans.

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Is there funding for implementation of Source Protection?

The Clean Water Act, 2006 funds local stewardship programs designed to involve the community and citizens in the protection of our local municipal water sources.

For more information see Source Protection Implementation Funding.

Where can I find more information?

For more information about Source Water Protection, please go to the FAQs.

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