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Diapers and sanitary products are collected in the garbage every other week. If diapers and sanitary products are handled and stored properly over the two-week period, they do not pose a health hazard.

  • Bag garbage and store in a container with a tight fitting lid, to prevent insects, wild animals and other pests from gaining access.
  • Store garbage in a cool location, to keep odours to a minimum.
  • Practice good hand washing after handling garbage to prevent illness.

Halton Region's Health Department has identified that diapers will not pose a health hazard if handled and stored properly over the two week period.

Why are diapers not accepted in the GreenCart?

Diapers, sanitary products and pet waste are difficult to compost. By not including these materials in the program, the Region has more options when it comes to processing.

The less contamination there is in the collected material, the better the quality of the final compost product making it easier to market the compost. Including these items in the compost could result in the compost not meeting Ontario provincial quality guidelines resulting in the compost having to be disposed as waste.

Diapers are still collected in the garbage.

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Alternatives to Disposable Diapers

Cloth Diaper Services

Bear Bottoms Diaper Service
Telephone: 1-877-423-2726
www.bearbottoms.ca (external link)

Comfy Cotton Diaper Service Inc.
Telephone: 905-940-8118
Toll Free: 1-888-759-3945
www.comfycotton.ca (external link)

Telephone: 519-212-7967 or 905-741-2135
www.storkysdiapers.com (external link)

Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service
Telephone: 905-760-8777
www.wonderwear.ca (external link)

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Cloth Diapers for Purchase

Bummis Cloth Diapering
Telephone: 1-888-828-6647
www.bummis.com (external link)
Lovable Little Tree Huggers
www.lovablelittletreehuggers.com (external link)
Mother-ease Cloth Diapers
Telephone: 1-800-416-1475
www.mother-ease.com (external link)
Peak-A-Boo Creations
Telephone: 905-849-7600

Snuggle Bugz
Telephone: 905-631-0005
www.snugglebugz.ca (external link)

Nature Bumz
Telephone 289-296-5320 OR toll fee 1-866-240-8080
www.naturebumz.com (external link)

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Diaper Bag Tag Program

Diapers are accepted every other week as garbage only.

The Diaper Bag Tag Program is intended for:

  • households with young children
  • residents experiencing a medical condition

A household can apply to receive 40 diaper bag tags per 12 month period. Diaper Bag Tags are serialized and are transferable from year to year. Every 12 months, a household is eligible to re-apply for the program to receive another 40 bag tags if required.
Conditions apply.

When to Use Diaper Bag Tags

Regular garbage may contain diapers
Garbage bags can contain diapers.

Clear garbage bags with a Diaper tag can contain diapers only.
Garbage bags can contain diapers. Clear garbage bags marked with a diaper tag must contain diapers only.
  • Our house has three garbage bags/cans or less every other week
    In Halton Region, you may place 3 garbage bags/cans or less at the curb every other week. These garbage bags/cans may contain diapers, and do not need Diaper Bag Tags.
  • Our house has more than three garbage bags/cans every other week
    More than 3 garbage bags/cans require a "$2 garbage tag" or a Diaper Bag Tag, up to a total of 6 garbage bags/cans total. If you are using a Diaper Bag Tag, it may only be placed on a clear bag containing diapers. Diaper Bag Tags paced on solid coloured bags will not be collected.

Drop off options:
Halton residents can drop off a clear bag of diapers with a Diaper Bag Tag free of charge at:

For more information, contact Access Halton or dial 311.

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