About Us

about us

A celebration of the region’s agricultural roots and culinary leaders, Harvest Halton events bring the best of what Halton has to offer in local cuisine and food to patrons. An annual event, Harvest Halton now gives award-winning local chefs an opportunity to team up with some of Halton’s finest farmers to cultivate food that will leave guests coming back for seconds in two locations! Our mission is to support the local food movement and foster a sense of community between farmers, chefs, restaurants, residents and visitors. We welcome everyone and anyone who would like to participate as we highlight Halton Region’s food culture by celebrating the harvest season. Come experience this signature culinary event and find out what Halton region’s agricultural community has to offer.

Importance of Local Food

Halton region is home to an active and vibrant farming industry. Our farming and agricultural community is a key piece of our economy with great potential for sustainable growth over the next 10 years and beyond. We take great pride in our local food and continue to work with Halton’s farmers to help support and grow our farming community.

There are many benefits to buying local food.

  • Environmental: Buying products close to home is good for the environment, since we use less energy for transportation, refrigeration, processing and packaging.
  • Economic: Buying from local farms helps to support the local economy and helps keep farms in business; it also creates local jobs.
  • Social: Farms and farmers' markets are vibrant, lively places to socialize and learn.
  • Health: Local fruit and vegetables are as fresh as it gets! They are healthy choices and taste great because they retain valuable nutrients and flavours.
  • Community: Supporting your local farmers connects you to the people who produce the food you eat, grow plants for your garden and offer entertaining ways that you, your family and your friends can be active together.