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Burlington Executive Airport

The Burlington Executive Airport serves as a central transportation link for Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas. It is located at Bell School Line and Appleby Line in the rural area of the City of Burlington. The Airport was founded in 1962 and consists of two paved runways; a main north-south runway and an east-west runway. The Airport Also includes a terminal and several hangars used for the storage and repair of aircraft. The Airport is currently undertaking work to facilitate the expansion of the airport, which has required substantial quantities of fill being moved to the site. Concerns have been raised by neighbouring residents with respect to the fill being transported to the site, its potential impact on the groundwater adjacent to the site and with the plans for the expansion of the airport itself.

In response to these concerns, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is undertaking an ongoing review of the site and surrounding area.

  • The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) released its review of the Burlington Executive Airport’s Groundwater Monitoring Program report completed by Pinchin Environmental, titled “Groundwater Monitoring Program and Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment”, dated April 7, 2014.
  • The MOECC’s review of the report concludes that there is no indication that the fill operations are adversely impacting groundwater off site at this time.
  • The MOECC recommended that the Burlington Executive Airport submit an ongoing groundwater monitoring plan for the MOECC’s review. The on-going groundwater monitoring program is to include on-going water quality testing of the on-site monitoring wells, and a more in-depth analysis of the groundwater characteristics to further assess off site groundwater impacts.
  • The MOECC’s review of the report, together with the results of private well sampling completed by the MOECC and the Health Department in August of 2013, do not indicate an immediate health risk to residents. The purpose of the private well testing was to determine the safety of the well water at the time of sampling based on the parameters tested. The Halton Region Health Department continues to monitor the groundwater monitoring program results and MOECC reviews for any indication of potential health risk to residents.
  • Halton Region has not completed any testing, produced any reports or undertaken any studies related to the safety of the fill operations or the monitoring of groundwater adjacent to the Burlington Executive Airport, nor has the Region ever stated at any time that the fill and/or the groundwater is safe (nor unsafe), as the responsibility for groundwater monitoring and safety in the rural area rests with the MOECC. Recognizing the MOECC’s overarching jurisdiction and regulatory role in these matters, the Region has provided no comment on the safety of the groundwater or fill and any statement or assumption otherwise is not correct.

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