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Emergency Information Vial Program

Photo of a clear plastic vial marked with a fluorescent orange label with the three universal symbols for 911 (Medical, Fire &Police) Halton Region Health Department, Paramedic Services Division introduced an Emergency Information Vial Program several years ago. It was developed to provide Paramedics with the most up to date pertinent medical information. Responders can then assess and apply the most appropriate care and drug treatment as quickly as possible increasing the patient’s chances of a more positive outcome.

In an emergency, time is of the essence. If you are unable to communicate with this Vial Program, the paramedics can gather vital medical information that could potentially save your life.

The program is easy to follow:

  • A clear plastic vial with a white easy snap cap is marked with a fluorescent orange label with the three universal symbols for 911 (Medical, Fire & Police)
  • An Emergency Information form (PDF file) (which is put inside the vial) is for your completion.
    Note: Have your doctor, pharmacist, or relative help you complete the form if needed, and make sure it is kept up-to-date.
  • Place the completed Emergency Information form back into the vial and place it in the refrigerator in one of the door shelves.
  • The vial contains two additional fluorescent orange labels, one to stick on the front door of your house, and the other to stick on you refrigerator door.

Emergency Information Wallet cards are also available!

Print it! (PDF file)
Emergency Information Wallet cards

As an extension to the vial program, Emergency Information Wallet Cards have been developed in the same model as the Emergency Vial Information Insert forms, to provide emergency responders with critical medical information when you are not at home.

These wallet cards can also be placed into clear luggage tags and attached to:

  • a child’s car seat
  • school back pack
  • camping gear
  • worn on a lanyard for runners and other sporting events i.e. hockey, baseball, golf, tennis etc.

Want a new Emergency Information Vial?

Please dial 311 or visit the Halton Regional Centre at 1151 Bronte Road in Oakville (external link).