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Workplace / Facility Public Access Defibrillation Program

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Halton Paramedic Services is your contact for assistance and any questions you may have in developing your specific program. For a nominal yearly fee, Halton Paramedic Services will consult with your organization regarding implementation and ongoing support for your AED (PAD) Program.

Please review this information and then call Halton Paramedic Services at 905-825-6000 to discuss these issues further.

    What are your Facility's Risk Factors?

    Do you have:

    • A large number of people working / gathering in your facility
    • People engaging in physical activity
    • Delayed access to EMS because of traffic, distance or building size
    • People present in your facility who possess various personal risk factors including:
      • moderate to high emotional stress
      • smoking
      • obesity
      • inactive lifestyle
      • personal medical history or family history of heart attack, angina, other
        heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes etc

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