News & Reports by Waste Management Services

  • 2012-2016 Solid Waste Management Strategy
    On November 16, 2011, Halton Regional Council adopted the 2012-2016 Solid Waste Management Strategy. The goal of this Solid Waste Management Strategy is to reach a waste diversion rate of 65% by 2016. Front cover of Fall 2013  issue of Wasteless News.
  • WasteLess News
    This newsletter is sent to Halton residents twice a year and provides information on waste management programs, including collection tips and the Halton Waste Management Site.
  • Year End Waste Management Tonnage Reports 
    These annual reports highlight Halton Region's residential waste diversion rate, waste tonnage information, and landfill capacity projections.
  • Energy from Waste Staff Reports
    In June 2007, Halton Regional Council agreed to postpone further investigations into the possibility of an Energy from Waste facility in Halton for at least five years. View the staff reports submitted to Regional Council prior to making this decision.
  • Waste By-law No 123-12
    Establishes and implements single-tier waste management throughout Halton Region, and specifies acceptable waste receptacle sizes, placement of waste at the curb, and acceptable materials.