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Quick Facts

Combined with federal R&D programs, Ontario's R&D tax incentive program can reduce your after-tax cost of every $100 in R&D spending to between $37 and $61. (Source: Invest Ontario (external link).)

Canada offers significant incentive support for R&D activities from both federal and provincial governments, with total costs 27.7 percent below those in the United States. (Source: KPMG Alternatives 2016 (external link))

Businesses committed to research and innovation have the right climate for exceptional opportunities in Halton Region. One significant benefit is access to research-oriented educational institutions. The region is surrounded by 20 leading universities and colleges, all within an hour's drive. They include the University of Toronto (external link, the University of Guelph (external link, the University of Waterloo (external link, York University (external link and Ryerson University (external link, which are among the top 50 R&D institutions in Canada.

Located in Halton Region is McMaster University's Ron Joyce Centre (external link), which houses the DeGroote School of Business (external link) and Executive Education Programs (external link). Halton is also home to Sheridan College, a globally- recognized centre for animation and gaming studies and ranks first in Ontario for applied research colleges.

Growing trend for R&D jobs in the region

A growing number of companies are creating research and development jobs in Halton. Since 2006, jobs in scientific research and development services have nearly doubled. By locating in Halton, progressive companies can attract the talented people they need for developing new processes and technologies in advanced manufacturing, clean technology, information technology, life sciences and biotechnology. Halton residents are among the most educated in the country, with nearly 75 per cent having a post- secondary education.

Halton businesses benefit from generous R&D incentives

Regional businesses engaged in research and development also benefit from both federal and provincial government tax credits that are among the most generous allowances of all the G7 countries. In Ontario, the R&D tax program can substantially reduce a company's after-tax costs. A $100 investment in R&D can be reduced to as low as $37. Contact us for further information about possible incentives for your business.

Halton's world renowned research and innovation centres

Canada Centre for Inland Waters: General Electric Water & Process Technologies occupies one-third of the Centre's 5,500 square metre space for ongoing R&D. Specialized facilities (external link) include research laboratories and pilot plant demonstration facilities for wastewater and biosolids processing and advanced treatment.

An excellent R&D support network for Halton Region

Halton-based companies can tap into several organizations that support research and development, as well as commercialization for their business. Follow the links below for more information on how these groups can help innovative companies.

Halton's Economic Development Team: Learn more about the region's research and innovation programs for business

Our Economic Development team works with companies and organizations to identify research and innovation programs, services and organizations that support R & D. With our knowledge and our contacts, we can provide the full range of support services and essential information on Halton's access to major markets, economic trends, incentive programs, labour force, hiring, business costs, infrastructure, real estate and lifestyles.

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