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Preventing Falls

Falling……It only takes a second

Did you know that:
"Every year in Halton there are more than 900 toddlers and preschoolers that visit the Emergency Department for falls. Over 70 of them are hospitalized."

It can happen to anyone. Toddlers and preschoolers are prone to very specific types of injuries related to their stages of growth and development. Check out the Playspace safety page for safety tips by age.

Many falls at this age occur in playspaces and stairs/windows (external link).

Reduce the risk. Local researchers have been working on new strategies for parents to reduce injuries. ALTER (external link) is a new approach to prevent child falls in the home.

Don’t let it be you. For additional resources check out Parachute (external link), Caring for Kids (external link) and The Community Against Preventable Injuries (external link)

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