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Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG) & Fee Stabilization



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Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG)

The Ministry of Education provides ongoing funding to support wages for child care professionals working in licensed child care settings.

The Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG) funding and Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) funding are available for:

  • Program staff working in licensed child care programs
  • Home visitors and providers working with a licensed home child care agency

The WEG/HCCEG funding is intended to:

  • Close the wage gap between Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) wages in the school board and licensed child care sectors;
  • Stabilize licensed child care operators by helping them retain RECEs/child care staff; and,
  • Support greater employment and income security.

Achievement of these goals results in a more stable high-quality child care system.

Halton Region will administer the WEG/HCCEG funding to licensed child care operators and agencies on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

2017 WEG/HCCEG Reconciliation files will be sent directly to licensed child care operators before January 31, 2018.  Submissions are due to Halton Region by February 28, 2018.

2018 WEG/HCCEG Update
Applications are required for 2018 WEG/HCCEG funding.

Highlights for the 2018 funding include:

  • WEG continues to support an increase of up to $2/hour plus 17.5% benefits for licensed program staff and home visitors;
  • HCCEG continues to support an increase of up to $20/day for home child care providers contracted with a licensed home child care agency;
  • Staff earning more than $27.07 are not eligible for WEG, and providers earning more than $270.70 per day are not eligible for HCCEG.  This wage cap is updated to align with the school based Early Childhood Educator (ECE) salary grid;
  • WEG/HCCEG payments must be provided to staff and providers on the regular pay cycle; and
  • NEW centres and agencies that open in 2018 will be eligible for WEG/HCCEG funding once they begin operations. Contact for more details

Administration Grant funding will be available in 2018. Details will follow at a later date.

Up-to-date WEG(PDF file) & HCCEG (PDF file) user guides are available as a resource to child care operators, program staff and child care providers.

Fee Stabilization

The Ministry of Education recognizes that increasing operating pressures may lead to increases in child care fees. To support improved wages for the licensed child care workforce, affordability for families, and to address potential fee increases, the ministry has provided additional funding to support licensed child care staff earning under $14 per hour (excluding Wage Enhancement Grant), as of December 31, 2017.  Fee Stabilization funding supports operators to supplement staff wages below $14 per hour.  Operators are required to demonstrate the avoidance of fee increases as a result of the additional funding. 

Fee Stabilization funding applications have been received and reviewed. Eligible operators will be contacted directly for next steps.