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Halton Region Older Adult Plan

Halton Region Older Adult Plan 2015-2018 (PDF file)

Halton Region Older Adult Plan Implementation Summary (PDF file)

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What is Halton Region Older Adult Plan (HOAP)?

  • HOAP identifies how Halton Region will enhance policies, programs, services and environments to respond to the growing, aging population in Halton.
  • This 4 year plan is a corporate-wide plan that focuses on priorities, objectives and actions that are within Halton Region’s authority to plan, manage and deliver.

What is the goal of the Halton Region Older Adult Plan (HOAP)?

  • The goal of the plan is to support the health and well-being of older adults and promote healthy aging in Halton. It strives to ensure equitable access to Regional programs, services and information for older adults in Halton.
  • HOAP seeks to enhance quality of life for older adults in Halton through meaningful engagement, strengthened community partnerships and integrated client-centred service delivery that apply an older adult perspective to all Regional activities.

What can I find in the 2015-2018 Halton Region Older Adult Plan (HOAP)?

  • HOAP highlights the Region’s commitment to older adults and acknowledges that investments at every age support healthy aging in Halton.
  • It contains strategies to build partnerships that will enhance innovation, service coordination and integrated service delivery with community partners.
  • The plan aligns with other Regional plans and strategies including:
  • The plan is supported by detailed operational work plans that identify specific timing, outcomes and measures for the actions that will achieve the priorities and objectives over the next 4 years.

Priorities in Halton Region Older Adult Plan

  • Consider older adults in the development of policies and delivery of programs
  • Optimize the engagement of older adults with Halton Region
  • Support the enhancement of aging-friendly Regional environments
  • Support opportunities for older adults and Halton communities to prosper
  • Support older adults to be active, connected and to age well
  • Support older adults to maintain their independence