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Washburn Reservoir and Booster Pumping Station


3207 Heathfield Dr., Burlington, ON


10ML Expansion of Washburn Reservoir

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  • Blue lineDesignated Truck Route shown above for all construction truck traffic

Under Warranty from September 2017 to September 2019

Project No.


Jacek Pawlus, P.Eng., Project Manager
905-825-6000 ext. 7204

Additional Information:

For vehicles related to construction activities, access to and from the site is restricted to Guelph Line, Centennial, and Heathfield only.

The construction of the 10ML Cell No.2 of the Washburn Reservoir, City of Burlington, Contract W-2930A-15, includes:

  • Reservoir expansion – construction of a second reservoir cell to increase the overall storage capacity.
  • Access House and Overflow Valve Chamber – construction of a new access house that will provide access into the reservoir and an overflow valve chamber on the west side of the reservoir.
  • Modifications of existing pump house piping - removal of existing process piping and existing pumps and installation of new piping in the basement.
  • New equipment installation – installation of four free-issue, new surge tanks and stand-by generator including electrical and Instrumentation and control integration and commissioning.
  • Road work – reconstruction of the access road from Heathfield Drive to the existing booster pumping station and proposed Access House including base and surface work as well as on-site driveway improvements.
  • Yard piping – installation of new concrete pressure pipe from south of the existing Valve Chamber on site extending to approximately 50m south of Heathfield Drive, and installation of pipes to carry overflow to the existing storm drain, and replacement of existing yard piping currently within the proposed footprint of the second cell.

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