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Trafalgar Road Corridor Study - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this project important?

Under the Provincial Places to Grow Act, Halton’s population is mandated to reach 780,000 by 2031. The Act is the provincial growth plan that sets population and employment targets that Halton Region must plan to achieve. As a result, we have been developing and implementing long-term plans to ensure we have the needed infrastructure in place to meet the needs of residents now and in the future. Improving and widening Trafalgar Road from Steeles Avenue to Highway 7 is a critical part to ensuring Halton remains a great place to live.

Why widen Trafalgar Road?

  • The need to widen Trafalgar Road was confirmed through the Region’s Transportation Master Plan – The Road to Change
  • The expansion will support future growth (i.e. Vision Georgetown)
  • Improvements are required on the Road due to changing and increased travel demands (to 2031)
  • Railway delays currently experienced at the two CN and Metrolinx tracks will continue to grow and create increased traffic delays

What will the improvements to Trafalgar Road include?

  • Widening Trafalgar Road from two to four lanes
  • Improved active transportation on-road and off-road facilities for both cyclists and pedestrians
  • Two underpass (road under rail) grade separations at both CN and Metrolinx tracks
  • Replacement of Black Creek Bridge within Stewarttown

Why will active transportation be incorporated?

  • Halton Region is committed to building complete, active, healthy communities served by high-quality infrastructure, as per the Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018.
  • Halton Region promotes a multi-modal transportation network where active transportation will be a viable alternative to strengthen linkages between communities and municipalities.  
  • On-road paved shoulders/exclusive bike lanes are being proposed to accommodate commuter cyclists, pedestrians, slow-moving vehicles and emergency stopping.  
  • Off-road multi-use trails located in the boulevard are also being proposed for shared use for recreational cyclists, pedestrians and others.

What happens if my well is impacted during construction?

Halton Region will make every effort to minimize disruptions to residents as it improves Regional infrastructure. For residents who depend on private wells for their drinking water we will ensure you have access to safe, quality drinking water at all times during any construction activities.
Halton Region has developed a Well Mitigation protocol to monitor and manage all well water supplies before, during and after Regional construction activities.  The protocol is available to any resident.

Why is Alternative 1 preferred over Alternatives 2 and 3?

The analysis and evaluation process includes five criteria; Natural Environment, Socio-Economic Environment, Cultural Environment, Transportation and Costs & Constructability.
Overall, Alternative 1 (along existing Trafalgar Road) would have the least impact to the natural environment, requires less property, involves fewer impacts to agricultural lands, supports future transportation demand and will incur fewer long-term maintenance costs.

What happens if my septic system is impacted?

If a septic system is within the future Right of Way it will be relocated at the Region’s cost.

Will Water/Waste Water Services servicing be available to residents?

Both water and waste water services will be available to residents on the east side of Trafalgar Road, within the future Vision Georgetown Area between 10 Side Road and 15 Side Road.

How is noise being addressed?

A full Noise Assessment will be completed once the preliminary preferred alternative is selected.
The results of the Noise Assessment will be provided at the next Public Information Centre (PIC) #3 in Fall 2015.

What is the anticipated construction timing and phasing?

The Trafalgar Road project is very complex and includes the phasing of several construction projects, including widening the road and constructing new grade separations.
As part of the Region’s current Roads Capital Program the ‘start of construction’ is currently identified as follows:
Steeles Avenue to 10 Side Road: 2019
10 Side Road to Highway 7: 2020
Grade Separations at both CN and Metrolinx tracks:  2020
The exact phasing for construction will be determined through the detailed design stage.

What are the next steps of this study?

Review comments received and respond to any questions
Incorporate comments into the development of the preferred preliminary plan
Prepare for Public Information Centre (PIC) #3 in Fall 2015
Prepare Environmental Study Report (ESR) which will document the decisions making process of the Class EA Study – Spring 2016
File ESR for public review (minimum 30-day review period) – late Spring 2016

How can I get involved and stay up to date?

For more information about the project, visit
If you would like to be added to the project mailing list, please contact:
Jeffrey Reid (Halton Region Project Manager): or 905-825-6000 ext. 7920
Neil Ahmed (Consultant Project Manager): or 905-823-8500