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Activities:Building assets within the school setting

Review local research data to determine what assets to focus on at your school:

Encourage staff to be intentional about building assets in young people by:

  • Teaching respect for cultural differences
  • Encouraging school success
  • Seeking opinions
  • Reporting positive behaviour
  • Guiding decision making

Everyone can contribute to the building of Development Assets®. Below are tools and ideas for everyone in your school community: School staff and Administrators, Parents, Youth.

School staff and administrators

Make Developmental Assets part of your everyday activities by using:

Asset Building ideas for parents and caregivers

Provide parents with this list of great and practical ideas they can put to use with their children right away.


Parents are an important part of your school community. Include parents and caregivers in your Developmental Asset® messaging by sharing:


You can support asset building in students by:

  • Engaging students in all program planning and decision making
    • Include several students on school committees such as SSAT and health and well-being committees
    • Allow opportunities for youth to provide ideas and influence decisions that affect students
    • Provide meaningful (external link) involvement and leadership opportunities for young people
    • Use these ideas to empower youth (external link)
  • Involving children and youth in asset building. Have students complete the Developmental Asset® checklist (external link) to see how many assets they have and to identify areas to build on
  • Forming a student asset team and support them to identify, plan, and implement initiatives to build assets among their peers – help them:
    • Identify their passions (external link) and how they can share them with others
    • Start a student book, art, or music club
    • Challenge students and staff to reduce screen time and increase physical activity
    • Fill peer’s buckets (external link) with positive affirmations and recognition
    • Lead peer to peer support group that address homework help, playground leadership P.A.L.S. or reading buddies
    • Organize a student volunteer program at a local senior’s center

For more information or consultation: