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On the Right Track – Reflection and Celebration

When building assets, it is essential to reflect on how your initiatives are going. Throughout the process, it is important to:

  • Assess where your initiative is with regards to each of the seven essential goals for community-based asset-building:
    • A shared vision of positive development
    • Shared norms and beliefs
    • Connections across socializing systems
    • Everyday acts of asset building
    • Unleash the asset-building power of organizations and systems
    • Identify, affirm, and expand the reach of existing asset-building activities
    • Introduce new asset-building efforts
  • Identify specific actions to make further progress if you have not achieved all of your objectives or if you’re ready to create even more change
  • Review the twelve critical culture shifts and reflect upon whether your initiative has resulted in a positive change from:
    • Deficit language to asset language
    • Some youth to all youth
    • Early childhood only to the first two decades of life
    • Age segregation to intergenerational community
    • Self-interest to shared responsibility
    • A program focus to a relational focus
    • A fragmented agenda to a unifying vision
    • Conflicting signals to consistent messages
    • Efficiency to redundancy in asset building
    • Youth as objects to youth as actors
    • Shifting priorities to long-term commitment
    • Civic disengagement to public engagement
  • Ask for student feedback about your existing school programs to determine whether they are enjoyable, offer meaningful involvement for youth, and build skills and relationships
  • Create a video to tell the story of your success incorporating Developmental Assets® into your school community
  • Share your success story at a student assembly or family event, or write about it in the school newsletter. Even better, involve youth in sharing the story!
  • Make your work sustainable by:
    • Committing to continuing your asset building efforts
    • Incorporating Developmental Assets® into your school improvement plan
    • Making asset-building a standing item on your staff meeting and parent council meeting agendas
    • Offering ongoing training, presentations, and resources to new staff and parents

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