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Getting Started – How to Begin the Process of Asset Building

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Note: This guide has been adapted from the Our Kids Network Asset Building Toolkit (external link) to reflect the strategies that can be used to build assets within the school community.

We can help our children and teens grow up successfully by encouraging them to connect with other caring and responsible adults who can be their mentors, guides, and role models as they make the transition toward adulthood. Relationships are the key!

You are probably already building assets in your school without being aware of it. Asset building is incorporated within the work that school staff do every day – the key is to be intentional!

To get started you can:

  • Assess what your school is currently doing to build developmental assets®. Use this asset-building checklist to identify areas of strength and need within your school goals, programs, and policies.
    Things to consider:
    • Do students feel welcome and engaged in the activities offered at your school?
    • Does your school share stories of positive contributions by students with board members and the community?
    • How does your school strengthen students’ leadership skills?
  • Connect with other schools to see how they have incorporated asset building with their youth, parents and staff.
  • Discuss with members of your school community about the power of assets for all young people.
    Remember - everyone can build assets – it’s about:
    • Recognizing all kids
    • Developing positive relationships
    • Being intentional
    • Focusing on strengths
    • Being consistent
  • Gather a team of champions! Intentionally engage youth, parents and staff in all school planning and decision making.
  • Look within your school community for natural asset builders who exhibit these qualities:
    • Advocate for children and youth regularly
    • Demonstrate relationship-building behaviours
    • Empower children and youth to have a voice
    • Are open to trying new things
    • Are mentors and role models
  • Develop an asset-building plan to become more intentional about sharing strategies and embedding assets into your school.
  • Start small by focusing on one or a few assets. Assets are all intertwined—as you build one asset, others will naturally follow.

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