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Why is Youth Engagement Important?

Engaging youth in work that is meaningful to them has many benefits for youth, adults and the community.

Benefits for Youth

  • Opportunity to build leadership skills and gain experience
  • Builds assets and protects against risky behaviours
  • Gain understanding about the value of youth voice in their community
  • Feel a sense of belonging and worth
  • Develop positive connections to peers and adults
  • Develops their resume
  • Provides sense of accomplishment and affirms that they can make a difference

Benefits for Adults

  • Recognize and acknowledge youth as vital contributors
  • Changes how they perceive youth (breaks down stereotypes)
  • Opportunity to enhance mentoring skills
  • Re-energizes adults by learning about youths’ fresh perspectives
  • Learn new skills from youth 
  • Gain insight into current youth culture

Benefits for Communities

  • Develops youth leaders who become active in addressing community issues
  • Increases understanding about and between generations of adults and youth

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