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2015 Federal Election

Advocating For Halton

The provincial Places to Grow Act mandates that our population grow to 780,000 by 2031. Ensuring that growth pays for itself is essential to protect our taxpayers from the high cost of growth and to maintain our high quality of life. It is also imperative to the future vitality of Halton Region and is of critical importance to Regional Council.

Municipalities only receive 11 per cent of every tax dollar. This small amount helps to fund high-quality programs and services that touch the lives of our residents on a daily basis. However, in order to grow, the Region must ensure that the infrastructure and human services required to support development are planned and adequately financed in advance of need.

Halton Region is advocating for support from all levels of government in the form of long-term, predictable funding and legislative changes in order to ensure that Halton’s taxpayers are not burdened with the cost of growth. To help residents choose their representatives on October 19, the Region sent all local federal election candidates a questionnaire asking how they would address Halton’s key growth-related issues, which include:

By working together with all levels of government, we can ensure that Halton remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

Links and Resources

Learn where the parties stand on important municipal issues that impact your community. Explore these online policy trackers that allow you to compare current announcements and commitments made by each party.