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Candidates Response to Question 6 of the 2015 Federal Election Questionnaire

On October 19, 2015 Halton voters will cast their ballot for local Federal candidates. On behalf of Halton residents, Regional Chair Gary Carr has sent a letter and questionnaire to Halton’s candidates asking for their positions on a number of issues of critical importance to Halton Region.

Question 6

Halton Region continues to partner with all levels of government to find solutions to the pressing issues facing the Region. Continued dialogue and consultation with all levels of government is required to ensure the Region’s voice is heard on matters that will directly impact the Region and Halton residents.

How will you and your government involve the Region as partners on federal matters that have a direct impact on the Region and Halton residents?

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    Vince Fiorito – Green Party of Canada

Oakville North-Burlington

    Alex Anabusi – New Democratic Party
    Mini Batra – Green Party of Canada

    Azim Rizvee – Liberal Party of Canada


    Che Marville – New Democratic Party

Wellington - Halton Hills

    Anne Gajerski-Cauley – New Democratic Party

Karina Gould – Liberal Party of Canada
As I have done over the past year, meeting with residents in Burlington, meeting with a variety of stakeholder groups in the region as well as representatives on City Council, as Burlington’s Member of Parliament I would consult continuously with the Region and Burlington residents on the issues that impact them.
I have already held a variety of town halls and roundtables on issues ranging from Climate Change, Affordable Housing, Poverty Reduction, Democratic Reform, Start-ups, the Long Form Census and Seniors’ issues.
As your MP I would hold biannual town hall meetings, either topic- specific or open ended to keep in touch with residents. Additionally, I will continue to reach out to key stakeholders to inform my understanding of policy issues in Burlington as well as to inform Liberal Party policy. My commitment is to be an effective and strong advocate for my community and - as I say to everyone I meet at the door - the only way I can be successful is to listen to the people in my community.
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David Laird

David Laird – New Democratic Party 
The NDP regularly consults with municipal partners, the provinces, experts, community groups and the community at large when formulating its policies. We will continue to include these groups in our policy discussions and work alongside them as partners in the implementation process. An NDP government will be a stable, reliable and consistent long term partner. We believe that cooperation is a fundamental part of building and sustaining vibrant and healthy communities.
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Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace – Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative MPs in Halton Region will continue to work with regional and local municipal councils on the issues facing Halton Region.
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Chris Jewell – Libertarian Party of Canada 
We would like to work closely with local authorities on issues that have to do with the region. I would have done my best to make sure CN came to the table with the region for guidance on where to build it's hub, before purchasing the land.
On that note, why do we even wish to encourage governments of various levels to act together? For example, Toronto has repeatedly petitioned the provincial and federal governments for aid with their transit system. The effect of this is to centralize power, for higher levels of government to subsume the responsibilities of lower governments. Why would we wish to centralize power in the hands of the few? Wouldn’t it make more sense to return power to the people? If the federal government had not granted special privileges to private corporations in order to skirt local laws, then we would not even have an issue!
Libertarians believe in a very minimal federal government with empowered, independent local communities. Therefore, I would do my best to abide by this governing principle.
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Lisa Raitt

Lisa Raitt – Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative MPs in Halton Region will continue to work with regional and local municipal councils on the issues facing Halton Region.
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David Doel

David Doel – Green Party of Canada  website   mail
The Green Party has been a strong advocate for the creation of a Council of Canadian Governments to help all levels of government found in our confederation work together more productively, and to give voice to the local leadership that all too often is far more in-touch with the pressing concerns of local constituencies than MPs in Ottawa or their equivalents in the various provincial and territorial governments.
This council would meet frequently and give voice to these concerns, so that solutions can be found sooner and more collaboratively, and not at the whim of the sitting Prime Minister or select Members of Cabinet.
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John Oliver – Liberal Party of Canada  website   mail
I understand the need to involve multiple levels of government to resolve some of the pressing issues we face. Canadians should expect their elected representatives to work collaboratively and cooperatively together to find and implement timely solutions.
This collaborative approach is evident throughout the Liberal Party platform, including policies such:

  • Affordable housing: We will work in partnership with municipalities, provinces and territories to identify how federal lands and buildings could be repurposed to address pressing needs for affordable housing.
  • Transit infrastructure: Our funding for public transit infrastructure will be flexible to address municipalities’ priorities and requirements.
In addition, the Liberal Party understands that comprehensive, current data is needed to support the decisions made by the Region and all levels of government. We will make Statistics Canada fully independent with a mandate to collect data needed to support good decision-making. We will consult broadly and work with a strengthened Statistics Canada to make available additional data needed by businesses, municipalities, the not-for-profit sector, and the public. This would include more detailed labour market information, child development data, and statistics on natural capital. We will also immediately restore the mandatory long-form census.
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Terence Young

Terence Young – Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative MPs in Halton Region will continue to work with regional and local municipal councils on the issues facing Halton Region.
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Janice Best

Janice Best – New Democratic Party  website   mail
The NDP will have a Minister of Urban Affairs to make sure that the views of Cities like Burlington and Towns like Oakville are heard at the cabinet table. In addition we will respect local priorities for infrastructure by increasing transfers instead of complicated applications and political interference from the Federal Government in local decision-making. We will have better consultation for important development projects, be it pipelines, airport, rail or port developments. An NDP Government lead by Tom Mulcair will include local leadership on issues like climate change – better public transit and sustainable development.
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David Clement – Libertarian Party of Canada  website   mail
I certainly think that local consultation, both municipal and regional, is very important. At the end of the day, the constituents of the riding are the people that I would be responsible to, so it would be my duty to ensure that local and regional concerns are heard. It should be noted that the Libertarian Party is the only party really dedicated to empowering local forms of government, as opposed to trying to solve local problems from behind a desk in Ottawa. Our policies empower local governments to make decisions that meet the needs of their residents. Simply put, I believe that what this region needs is more Halton based decision making, and less Ottawa based decision making, and that is what I would seek to promote if I were elected. If I were to be elected, I would look to regularly host town hall meetings where residents could meet with me and discuss the issues that they are concerned about.
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Pam Damoff – Liberal Party of Canada  website   mail
Justin Trudeau has committed to holding regular meetings with municipal leaders. All of the Liberal Party policies have an over-riding theme – that of partnership between the federal, provincial and municipal government. As a municipal councillor myself, I know that the delivery of services at the municipal level relies on a federal partner who not only understands what is required, but is also prepared to work with the province and municipalities to deliver.
In terms of consultation, this has been lacking on several issues in this area and communication between the federal government departments and the Region needs to be improved. Consultation after a decision is made is not consultation. We recently saw this with Canada Post and the change to Community Mailboxes in Oakville. I recognize the issue and will work to ensure the consultation process is more open and transparent.
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Adnan Shahbaz

Adnan Shahbaz – Green Party of Canada 
Canada’s success has always depended on people working together. We are a country of vast geography and distinct regions. Good and effective government in Canada depends on bringing people together with a shared sense of purpose. In an era of global insecurity, it is more important than ever that we work together here at home.
In the 21st century, we need to reinvent the way we work as a federation. We need to work together to develop national goals and national strategies. To this end, we will create a Council of Canadian Governments to address shared challenges and ensure more effective collaboration between the various levels of government in Canada – federal, provincial/territorial, municipal/local, and First Nations, Metis and Inuit.
Chaired by the federal government, the Council will regularly bring together the provinces and territories, municipal governments, and Indigenous leadership to ensure constructive collaboration to find real solutions for the problems that concern all Canadians from security to infrastructure to health care. In order to make progress on these critical issues, it is important that all levels of government are pulling in the same direction. With a transparent process, a published agenda and a clear path to set in place national strategies – on energy, transportation, culture, health care, and climate.
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Effie Triantafilopoulos

Effie Triantafilopoulos – Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative MPs in Halton Region will continue to work with regional and local municipal councils on the issues facing Halton Region.
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Harvey Edward Anstey

Harvey Edward Anstey, Wellington - Halton Hills - Canadian Action Party (CAP)
No decisions would be made without consulting the regions. I believe in an open door policy.
Cap believes in recall legislation so if an MP is not doing his job he can be fired.
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Brent Allan Bouteiller

Brent Allan Bouteiller – Green Party of Canada  website   mail
The Green Party of Canada would establish a Council of Canadian Governments, that includes the federal government, provinces, territories, municipal/local governments, and First Nations, Metis and Inuit;

Michael Chong

Michael Chong – Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative MPs in Halton Region will continue to work with regional and local municipal councils on the issues facing Halton Region.
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Don Trant – Liberal Party of Canada 
The Liberal Party is committed to fair and open government.
The Harper / Chong government has grown secretive and closed-off from Canadians. The public interest has never mattered less. And Harper refuses to meet or work with the Premiers.
Justin Trudeau and a Liberal government are committed to working with the provinces, territories and municipalities to address Canadians’ priorities.
A Liberal government will:

  • Hold an annual First Ministers’ meeting and actively engage with each Premier
  • Call a federal-provincial meeting to reach a long-term agreement on health care funding
  • Partner with all provinces, territories, workers, and employees to enhance the Canada Pension Plan for future generations
  • Collaborate with the Premiers to address issues relating to Indigenous education, health care, housing, and clean drinking water
  • Work hand-in-hand with the provinces and territories to adapt to the impacts of climate change and set national emissions reduction targets.
  • Provide operational, social, transportation and environmental funding support to municipalities through a historic $125 billion infrastructure investment plan over 10 years

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