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Brent Allan Bouteillier Reponses to 2015 Federal Election Questionnaire

On October 19, 2015 Halton voters will cast their ballot for local Federal candidates. On behalf of Halton residents, Regional Chair Gary Carr has sent a letter and questionnaire to Halton’s candidates asking for their positions on a number of issues of critical importance to Halton Region.

The following are Brent Allan Bouteillier's responses to 2015 Federal Election Questionnaire.

Brent Allan Bouteillier

Brent Allan Bouteillier
Wellington-Halton Hills - Green Party of Canada

  1. Currently, the federal government does not provide sustained, long-term investment into Halton’s municipal infrastructure. Improving our roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems is one of the best ways to create local jobs, keep goods moving, help businesses succeed and maintain a high quality of life for the growing Halton community. By 2031, the infrastructure needs in Halton (including state-of-good-repair programs) are expected to reach approximately $5.6 billion.

    What would you and your government do to ensure a long-term, predictable and sustainable investment in local infrastructure to ensure that Halton residents are not burdened with the cost of growth?

    The Green Party of Canada would
      • Establish a Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund that invests in skills-training, education, energy efficiency, renewables, and emerging technology, thereby creating Canadian jobs and supporting small businesses;
      • Commit $6.4 billion per year, one point of the GST, to municipal infrastructure;
      • Create a Canadian Infrastructure Bank to provide more robust and innovative financing and investment partnerships, in order to build safer bridges, better roads, world-class water treatment facilities, affordable housing, efficient public transportation, and expanded broadband access - putting thousands of Canadians to work in the process.
      • Partner with First Nations for sustainable resource development that is in the long-term public interest.
  2. Weather patterns have changed over the past few decades negatively impacting many communities including Halton Region which have seen an increase in severe weather events such as extended heat waves, torrential rain and ice storms. Without provincial and federal best practices and investment, municipalities are required to manage the social, economic, infrastructure, environmental and health-related consequences of climate change in the community, often at a very high cost. Long-term, sustainable funding is required for municipalities to improve community resilience and to reduce the severity of future climate change effects.

    What would you and your government do to help municipalities adapt and respond to climate change?

    The Green Party of Canada would take Bold Action on Climate
      • Defend our coastal waters from risky pipelines and tanker schemes;
      • Implement a Canadian Climate and Energy Strategy, eliminating the more than $1 billion dollars a year in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry; and
      • Introduce a Carbon Fee and Dividend system to put a price on carbon and pay the funds it generates directly to Canadians.
      • Begin work the day after the election to develop with a more ambitious Canadian climate position with other levels of government that demonstrates leadership at the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris. Only the Green Party of Canada has been fully engaged in the process over the last four years.
  3. The provision of safe, affordable, accessible housing is a critical component of fostering healthy communities. Municipalities across the country are actively working to make communities livable for everyone by ensuring access to housing for newcomers, young people, the middle class and seniors. For too many Halton residents, affordable homeownership remains out of reach. As Canadian municipalities are unable to keep up with the demand for affordable housing options, there is a clear need for long-term predictable funding and a national housing strategy to improve the lives of residents and strengthen communities.

    How would you and your government support increased affordable and assisted housing in Halton Region? What would you do to move the creation of a national housing strategy forward?

    The Green Party of Canada will implement a National Housing Strategy based on Housing First principles. Housing First is a proven, recovery-oriented approach that centres on quickly moving people experiencing homelessness into independent, permanent housing, and then providing additional supports and services as needed. This strategy will guarantee dignity and support for Canadians at the margins of our society, and will help address homelessness while at the same time reducing the burden on our emergency and health services.

    Our Housing Strategy will address the continuum of needs – from social housing for those in poverty or dealing with mental health and addiction problems, to First Nations, Metis, and Inuit housing crises, to the market failures depriving those with even a decent income of access to the affordable housing they need. We can ensure that all housing needs are met – whether seniors, youth, or the stressed middle class.
  4. Economic development and job creation continue to be priority issues facing Canadian municipalities including Halton Region. While all levels of government are working to create jobs and grow the economy, more must be done. Halton continues to be an economic hotspot where businesses choose to locate as a result of our competitive taxes, strong financial position and high quality of life. In addition, Halton’s successful Economic Development Strategy has been working to meet mandated provincial employment targets to achieve sustainable economic prosperity.

    How would you and your government assist Halton in creating the right climate for economic growth and job creation? What would you and your government do to spur innovation in Canadian businesses to help them become more globally oriented?

    Sustainable Economy – The Green Party of Canada would
      • Establish a Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund that invests in skills-training, education, energy efficiency, renewables, and emerging technology, thereby creating Canadian jobs and supporting small businesses;
      • Commit $6.4 billion per year, one point of the GST, to municipal infrastructure - providing stable, long-term funding to Canadian municipalities, creating good local jobs, and building vibrant, safe, and liveable Canadian towns and cities;
      • Develop innovation centres across the Country to bring businesses, governments and universities together to develop new technologies, products and services. A steady stream of innovation will create a steady stream of new high paying, high quality jobs.
      • We will create additional sustainable jobs by re-introducing and expanding the home renovation tax credit, to create incentives for individuals and companies to make their homes and businesses more efficient and accessible by installing high-efficiency insulation, solar heating and electricity, energy efficient appliances and accessibility upgrades.
      • Partner with First Nations for sustainable resource development that is in the long-term public interest.
  5. Currently, Halton region has a population of more than 500,000 and it is expected to meet mandated growth targets of 780,000 by the year 2031. The Town of Milton continues to be the fastest growing community in Canada and the Greater Toronto Area with a population that increased by 56.6 per cent between 2006 and 2011. The amount of children aged zero to four in Halton has also continued to increase each year, creating a significant need for childcare and early learning programs. For many households, childcare continues to be the second-largest expense after housing. In addition to high fees, there are simply not enough spaces to meet the demand for childcare in the Halton community. As a result, many Halton families continue to struggle to find affordable, quality childcare options for their young children.

    How would you and your government ensure that there are more affordable and accessible early learning and childcare spaces available to match Halton’s growing population?

    The Green Party will phase-in a national Guaranteed Livable Income, to ensure that no person’s income falls below what is necessary for health, life and dignity. One important step is ensuring high-quality affordable child care. We will work with the provinces, territories and Indigenous communities to establish accessible, convenient, enriched and affordable child care spaces for any Canadian family that seeks it. We will support women to re-enter the workforce whenever they choose after having children.

    The Green Party believes that workplace childcare has many advantages – enhanced parenting time and access to children through the work day, extension of breast-feeding opportunities, improved employee productivity, and improving the convenience of public transport when parents and kids share their morning destination. Tax breaks to employers for the creation of child care spaces is one tool among many we will use to ensure that families have the spaces they need.
  6. Halton Region continues to partner with all levels of government to find solutions to the pressing issues facing the Region. Continued dialogue and consultation with all levels of government is required to ensure the Region’s voice is heard on matters that will directly impact the Region and Halton residents.

    How will you and your government involve the Region as partners on federal matters that have a direct impact on the Region and Halton residents?

    The Green Party of Canada would establish a Council of Canadian Governments, that includes the federal government, provinces, territories, municipal/local governments, and First Nations, Metis and Inuit;
  7. As federal matters impacting Halton Region arise, will you follow your party’s line, or will you choose to represent the wishes of your constituents and potentially vote against your party?

    The health of our democracy depends on electing Members of Parliament who are accountable to their constituents. Following Elizabeth May’s example, Green Members of Parliament will work tirelessly on behalf of their communities and never abuse the public trust placed in them.

    Green MPs will conduct themselves with integrity and civility, treat others with respect, and never heckle in the House of Commons. Green MPs will always keep the interests of Canada paramount and never be told to vote against the interests and well-being of their constituents.

    Green MPs will seek constructive solutions to issues in their local communities, striving to create dialogue and solve problems when they arise.

    Green MPs will publish their expenses online, to ensure maximum transparency and accountability, and never use Parliamentary resources for party or personal benefit.