Planning Healthy, Complete Communities

Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015 – 2018: Shaping Halton’s Future

The Province has mandated that Halton Region plan to grow to 780,000 people by 2031. Planning for this growth to create complete, active, healthy communities served by high-quality infrastructure, including a comprehensive transportation system, is a high priority for Halton Region. Halton’s distinct approach to planning and funding growth and commitment to support intensification in identified areas are keys to Halton’s long-term success.

Priorities Measures & Outcomes
Improve the Region’s transportation network
  • $480 million invested in the Regional roads capital program
  • Number of kilometres of new active transportation infrastructure on Regional roads (walking, cycling, transit)
  • Number of additional new road lane kilometres
Advance Halton’s distinct approach to manage responsible growth
  • Infrastructure in 2012 Allocation program delivered
  • Five year review of Regional Official Plan
  • 2016/2017 Allocation program
Develop policies and deliver infrastructure to support growth in the existing urban areas
  • 40% intensification target achieved
  • Infrastructure identified for priority growth areas and mobility hubs delivered


Improve the Region’s transportation network

  • Deliver an integrated transportation network in the Region that supports walking, cycling, transit, passenger vehicles and goods movement
  • Deliver capital projects identified in the Transportation Master Plan
  • Improve coordination with Local Municipalities to ensure construction related traffic disruptions are minimized, and residents are well informed
  • Identify transit priorities with Metrolinx and Local Municipalities required to achieve the modal split (passenger vehicle vs. other modes of transportation) target in the Regional Official Plan and improve transit service and ridership Region wide
  • Update of Regional arterial road network in partnership with Local Municipalities
  • Work with the Province to develop a strategy for new and redesigned highways and highway interchanges throughout Halton to support growth and economic development
  • Enhance safety measures on Regional roads
  • Develop an Active Transportation Plan for Halton to identify infrastructure required to facilitate walking, cycling, and transit throughout the Region

Advance Halton’s distinct approach to manage responsible growth

  • Ensure the timing of development is coordinated with financing and delivery of related infrastructure through allocation programs
  • Advocate for the development of a joint infrastructure plan with the Province and Local Municipalities to identify all infrastructure required to support planned growth
  • Review and provide input on Provincial planning processes including the Green Belt Plan, Places to Grow and Niagara Escarpment Plan
  • Undertake the five-year review of the Regional Official Plan, including population allocation to 2041 based on established principles and infrastructure master plans
  • 2016/2017 Allocation Program developed in consultation with the development industry

Develop policies and deliver infrastructure to support growth in the existing urban areas

  • Increase awareness in the community of the rationale and potential benefits for growth including intensification
  • Deliver infrastructure requirements and implement strategies to achieve targeted intensification particularly in identified growth areas and mobility hubs
  • Identify and update policies to facilitate the development and redevelopment of intensification areas identified by Local Municipalities and urban growth centres