Adapting to Climate Change

Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015 – 2018: Shaping Halton’s Future

The increasing frequency of severe weather events caused by climate change is a reality that is impacting Halton residents. Ensuring Halton Region is prepared to respond to weather related events and other emergencies is a high priority for the Region. The Region is committed to ensuring its infrastructure and services are resilient and that risks associated with severe weather events are mitigated where possible.

Priorities Measures & Outcomes
Increase resiliency of Regional programs and infrastructure
  • Flood Mitigation Study completed
  • Wastewater infrastructure optimized
Prepare to respond to critical events and emergencies impacting Halton residents
  • Annual emergency exercises completed
  • Emergency Plan updated and coordinated with Local Municipality Plans
  • Four public emergency response centres commissioned
  • Peak volume call capacity of 311 increased


Increase resiliency of Regional programs and infrastructure

  • Assess severe weather event risks to Regional infrastructure, facilities and assets and mitigate risk where possible
  • Undertake a Flood Mitigation Study to identify opportunities to mitigate risk of basement flooding resulting from weather events
  • Advocate to the Federal and Provincial Governments to establish a centre of excellence to support and fund Municipalities assessment and adaptation to climate change and green energy initiatives

Prepare to respond to critical events and emergencies impacting Halton residents

  • Develop and conduct emergency exercises to better prepare for severe weather events
  • Increase awareness of Halton residents of the risks associated with climate change and severe weather events and promote being prepared for these events
  • Advocate to the Province for improvements to the ODRAP (Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program) to ensure prompt response to the needs of communities impacted by severe weather events and other disasters
  • Enhance communications protocols during and prior to emergencies and critical incidents to ensure the public is kept informed and updated
  • Expand response capacity of the 311 call centre and the on-call key services response capabilities
  • Establish and equip a public response centre in each Local Municipality, and communicate and raise awareness of the response centre’s function and services available
  • Update Emergency Management protocols and procedures to address severe weather and other emergency events in conjunction with Local Municipalities