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Immunization Information for Educators

Immunizations for School Attendance

Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) (external link) requires that students attending primary or secondary schools be immunized against certain diseases, unless they have a valid exemption.

The ISPA gives the Medical Officer of Health the authority to order a suspension of a student from school if an up-to-date immunization record or valid exemption is not provided.

How to report immunizations in:

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Avoiding School Suspension

To avoid school suspension, students must have:

  • Received the legally required immunizations for school attendance as per ISPA
  • Completed one of the following:
    • Reported their immunizations to the Health Department
    • Completed and submitted a valid exemption form to the Health Department.

Immunization Clinics

Although most immunizations are given at health care provider’s offices, the Health Department provides the following immunization services to help students avoid suspension:

Immunization Exemption

A parent/guardian has the option to temporarily or permanently exempt a child from receiving immunizations based on the following:

An exemption allows an unimmunized or under-immunized child to attend daycare or school. However, in the event of an infectious disease outbreak, the Medical Officer of Health has a responsibility to ensure the child does not attend until the outbreak is over.