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Wings and Thingamajigs

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Cover Wings and Thingamajings
"This book gives a voice to children’s real life experiences with asthma and the environment. A gentle reminder for adults, caregivers, and health professionals how easy it is to underestimate the quiet subtle nature of asthma and the manner in which breathing difficulties can shape our children’s lives."
- Elizabeth Brunato RRT, Certified Respiratory Educator, Halton Healthcare Services
"This is a thoroughly engaging story that embeds an important environmental message. It invites dialogue at an appropriate level of understanding and sensitivity. It allows parents, caregivers, and teachers to emphasize positive ways to lower our ecological footprint, especially with this age group.
- Sharon Campbell-Springstead, Early Literacy Specialist, Ontario Early Years, Halton Region

Wings and Thingamajigs is an illustrated children’s picture book (for ages 4-8). It is the second book in a three-book series about the implications of air quality and climate change on human health. This book builds on the themes presented in book one, A Farewell to Featherwagons, particularly the impact of transportation and greenhouse gases, while introducing alternative forms of transportation such as walking.

The book includes facts about Eastern Screech Owls, air quality, and climate change, as well as a raptor identification activity and discussion questions for the classroom—plus three story-related “seek and find” activities.

Wings and Thingamajigs
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What is the book about?

It's time to go back to school but when Alba-Alba arrives at Sedgewicky School for Birds, she is surrounded by idling featherwagons in the drop-off zone. The pollution makes her wheeze and sneeze! Her first assignment is to invent a non-polluting form of transportation that she must power with her wings and talons. While building her project, Alba-Alba makes a discovery. Her new friend, a Screech Owl named Echo, has breathing difficulties too. Together, Alba-Alba and Echo learn that by taking action to to "spare the air," they'll be able to breathe better and have fun along the way.

Why raise awareness with a picture book?

Picture books with environmental themes are wonderful ways of introducing children to issues in an entertaining and approachable way. Stories can be an important element of environmental change. They make for engaging teaching tools and are part of children’s language and literacy development. Picture books can also be a unique way to raise awareness with adult target audiences as well as inspire earth-friendly living at an early age.

Who created the book?

The book was created by a team of experts on air quality, climate change, and physical activity—in addition to a raptor specialist, literacy consultant, and professional illustrator. This team created the book with the purpose of educating the public about the health impacts associated with air quality and climate change, and the actions that can be taken to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases.

Where can I find a copy of this book?

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